How To Erase iPhone Using iCloud Remotely?

Erase iPhone Using iCloud Remotely

When you lost your iPhone and panic about misusing the data present in it, then don’t worry here is the solution. Now you can erase iPhone data remotely using iCloud.

If you want to erase iPhone using iCloud then you have to know your Apple ID and Password without these credentials you won’t erase the data.

This trick will 100% work since I have implemented it on my iPhone 4s. So let’s starts with the short but useful tutorial.

Steps For Erasing iPhone

Step 1. First, log in to iCloud using your Apple ID and Password.

Step 2. After that, you will see the icons like below, Click on the Find my iPhone it will start locating your iPhone.


Step 3. Next, you will see all devices in the middle top of the page, click on that, and select your device that is your iPhone name.

Step 4. After clicking, you will see the three option Play sound, Lost mode, Erase iPhone

Step 5. Then click on the erase iPhone, your iPhone will start deleting all data immediately when it has a working internet connection.

Please follow the below steps to secure your iPhone.

  1. Use a strong password (Don’t include name, birth date, etc.).
  2. The latest iPhones have a Touch ID and FaceID Lock feature, you can use it along with the regular password.
  3. Always keep a backup of your data on iCloud.
  4. Don’t save all passwords in third-party apps. If you want to keep the password use Keychain.
  5. When your iPhone lost, immediately erase the iPhone by using this method to avoid misuse.

If you know any other method to erase the iPhone, then let our readers know. If you like this short tutorial then, please share it with your friends.

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