How to fix broken links in WordPress without affecting SEO?

A Broken link is a link that doesn’t work, which leads to a 404 error page. Mostly it occurs when you change the link, the old reference is still present there and if anyone wants to access it resulting in the 404 error page.

It is critical to fix the broken link as it affects the Google search engine to index that page. It’s tough to find the broken link if you have lots of web pages on your blog.

Why broken links appear on your blog?

  1. You have updated the link.
  2. You are trying to access the old reference.
  3. The destination page/link is permanently deleted.
broken link checker wordpress plugin

Effect of Broken Links

If someone wants to access the web page, and because of the broken link, they cannot access it. In such a situation, readers try another website to read the content. This affects the search traffic. Sometimes broken links affect the SEO of the site. Google will not index the pages that contain the broken link.

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

Broken link checker is a WordPress plugin that I recommend you to install. It is straightforward to find out the broken link and fix it. Here I am telling you how to use a broken link checker plugin for fix broken links to the website.

First, you need to install the broken link plugin from the WordPress plugin directory and activate it.

After some period of time, you will see broken links on your dashboard. Go to Tools>Broken links

broken link checker

In the above snapshot, you can see the broken links, URL, status, and the source page on which that link is present. Now you have two option either you can go to the source and fix the link, or you can fix there itself also.

broken link checker

Select the link which you want to fix and click on the drop-down, select fix redirects your link will be corrected, and if this option does not work, then you have to go to the source page and manually edit the link.

In this way, you can fix broken links for your blog. When I have installed this plugin I found ten broken links for my blog then I fixed all those links. Here I am suggesting you some online broken link checker tools which you can try to find out the broken links for WordPress blog

  1. Dead links checker
  2. Online broken link checker
  3. Small SEO Tools for broken links
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