How To Fix Email Issues in WordPress With WP Mail SMTP Pro Plugin

If you are using WPForms then you must have created the contact form for your blog. Have you faced issues while sending or receiving emails in the WordPress blog?

I have been a user of WPForms for the last two years and nowadays I am not getting an email notification if someone submits the message. I have checked everything even I have created new forms but still facing the same issue.

There could be various reasons that WordPress emails don’t deliver successfully.

  • Server configuration, spam filtering, etc.
  • WordPress plugins and WordPress uses simple PHP mail() function to send the emails but some hosting providers are not configured to use this function.
  • Your Email providers check all incoming emails for spam filtration and block the incoming emails.

This is the usual problem in WordPress that everyone faces but we have a solution for this.

WPForms team came up with a new WordPress plugin that will solve all your email-related problems in WordPress.

WP Mail SMTP Pro is the most popular plugin for WordPress SMTP and PHP mailer available in the market. More than 1 million websites are currently using the WP Mail SMTP Pro plugin to fix different kinds of email deliverability issues.

Features of WP Mail SMTP Pro

Email Logging- We can keep the track of every email sent from the WordPress blog.

Email Control- You can manage the notification of Emails.

Outlook 365- You can send the emails with outlook 365 with Microsoft mailer.

Amazon SES, Mailgun, Gmail/GSuite integration.


WP Mail SMTP Pro came up with two plans Pro and Elite. Unfortunately, there is no free version of this plugin available yet.

Pro plan is starting at $49 per year and has all the required features for a WordPress blog like Email control, Logs, Outlook 365 integration, etc. Along with this, you will get one year of supports and updates.

The Elite plan includes all the features of Pro also you will get White Glove Setup.

White-Glove setup- You will get support from the expert support team. The support team will help you with

  • Install and setup the WP Mail SMTP Pro plugin.
  • Configure and Adjust your DNS setting for email domain name verification.
  • Setup Mailgun and also it tests everything to make sure that everything is working fine.
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