How to Get Crazy Engagement with Popular Posts in WordPress?

What do you do to engage the readers on your website?

If you engage your readers on your website, it will automatically increase the page views and lower the bounce rate. Also, there are chances of getting leads.

Many of you add the related content to the articles, insert interlinks, etc., but you can show the best-curated content related to your article if you want more results.

MonsterInsights new updates allow you to show the Popular Posts and Contextual Insights.

You can show the popular content wherever you want in the article. Also, you will get insightful stats for your popular post. You can use these stats to find out the top-performing content.

NOTE- MonsterInsights is a paid WordPress plugin. If you want to use the Popular Posts and Contextual Insights features, then you can purchase it.

If you want to configure the MonsterInsights plugin, then you can refer to the below article.

Types Of Display Content

MonsterInsights allows us to display popular content in three ways.

  • Inline Popular Content- You can display popular articles within the articles.
  • Popular Posts Widgets- You can show up to 10 popular posts as widgets anywhere on your website, like a sidebar or wherever your theme supports to include widgets.
  • Popular Products- If you have an eCommerce website, you can show the related products to increase sales.

The popular inline content will look like this.

monsterinsights popular posts and contextual insights

Popular Products In eCommerce Website

If you have an eCommerce website, you can show the related and popular products to increase sales are more. You can easily show popular products using MonsterInsights popular products.

You can show the popular products from the selected category. For example, suppose the reader is searching for clothes, then you can show the popular clothes from the websites.

This is how the popular products look like.

monsterinsights popular posts and contextual insights

Choose Templates For Popular Posts

The MonsterInsights allows you to choose the different templates for showing the popular products on your site.

While creating the popular posts, you will get the option to choose the template for the inline post, popular post widget, and popular products. For example, you can refer to the below screenshot.

monsterinsights popular posts and contextual insights

You can change the colour, font, etc., and make your popular posts the way you like from the WordPress dashboard.

Choose The Popular Posts To Display

MonsterInsights allows us to choose which posts to display. It allows us three options to display popular posts.

  • You can display the posts which have received the most comments in the last 30 days.
  • You can display the posts based on the share counts.
  • You can choose your posts to display.

You can choose any one of these options while configuring the popular posts for your website.

There is another option which is a combination of automated and curated popular posts.

Contextual Insights

MonsterInsights will show you the actionable insights of your popular posts. In addition, you will continuously get the notification within the plugin itself.

It will show you how your content is performing. You can easily see which content is performing well and improve the content showing strategy.

If you want to use this feature then you will have to purchase the MonsterInsights premium plugin, then why you are waiting, get the premium version.

Final Words

The MonsterInsights is a WordPress Analytics plugin that will show you the stats of your websites. In addition, you can get more detailed analytics which is not available in Google Analytics.

MonsterInsights Popular Posts and Contextual Insights features will help you increase page views and decrease bounce rates. In addition, you can also increase the sales of eCommerce websites by showing the related products.

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