How To Import Lastpass Passwords To iCloud Keychain

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to import Lastpass passwords to your iCloud keychain. Let’s start with the tutorial.

Download Lastpass Passwords

Login into your Lastpass account or if you have a Google Chrome extension then directly you can navigate in chrome, click on the Lastpass icon and navigate to

Account Option» Advanced » Export» Lastpass CSV File

The CSV file containing all the Lastpass passwords will be downloaded.

Enable Chrome Password Import

Now, we have to enable the password import in Chrome.

Open Chrome and enter chrome://flags/. You will see some settings. You can directly search for password import and enable it.

Import Password In Google

Now enter chrome://settings/passwords

Click on the three dots in front of the saved password and import the downloaded Lastpass CSV file.

This will import all the LastPass passwords to Google passwords.

Import Password To Icloud Keychain

Open Safari» File» Import From» Chrome

You will need to close Chrome and choose what you need to import. You can just select passwords.

Later you can delete all the password which was imported in Google passwords. This is an optional step but if you don’t want to store passwords in chrome then you can delete them.

This way all your Google passwords will be imported to an iCloud key chain. If you like this tutorial then share it with your friends.

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