Factors Affecting Google AdSense CPC

Do you use Google AdSense for your blog? What is your CPC rate?

Every blogger is serious about AdSense CPC (Cost Per Click). Those Who are using Google AdSense as a monetization technique must know the CPC.

CPC is the amount you get for a single click on ads placed on your website. CPC is not fixed for every blogger.

I have sorted out some factors which affect AdSense CPC, and by improving it, you can increase the AdSense CPC rate.


If you are targeting high CPC keywords, then definitely you will get a high CPC rate. So overall, it depends on the niche and keywords which you are targeting. For example, the Insurance niche has more CPC, which means if you have written a post targeting the insurance keywords, you will get more CPC.


Have you observed that the AdSense CPC rate varies from one country to another?

For example, I have seen that the CPC rate of the US is more than in other countries means when someone clicks ads from the US, you will get more CPC than another country. So if you want to get a higher CPC later, try to target the US audience or the country having high CPC rate.

Ads Placements

Google will consider your ad placements on your blog and the ads type, which I have explained in the below point. Place the ads in the appropriate position. Google only shows ads related to your content, so we don’t need to take care of it. In the Google AdSense dashboards, you will see the advertisements which pay the most and are small. Then you can block the ads which pay little.


The CPC rate is directly proportional to the keywords that you are targeting. The advertisers who pay Google for targeting their ads bid for the keywords. You can see it from Google AdWords and try to target keywords that are paying the most.

Ads types

While creating ads, you will get the option to create text or text/image ads. I have heard that ‘image ads will pay you more but this wrong assumption.

Earlier in one forum, I have read about the AdSense ads case study. One guy has written that he has tried both ads for a few days. He concluded that for image ads, he was getting 0.7$, but when he switched to text ads, his CPC rate increased to 0.17$, which was considered safe.

To increase AdSense CPC, you have to follow all the above points and see the result in a month.

If you follow all the above tips, then definitely your AdSense CPC will increase. If you like this article or if you have some information to share with our readers.

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  1. Hey man, I am having some issues with the CPC. I have a viral blog site with good content and I am targeting USA, Canada traffic. for the past two weeks my CPC has been less than 10 cents. I have been using proper keywords and responsive test and display ad types and yet there is no increase in the CPC. Do you have any other tips or tweaks that could possibly help me increase my CPC rates.

    1. Hi Rohan,

      I have two blogs, one is technical and second one is news related, the CPC rate for the technical blog is 10 times more than the news blog. So, we can conclude that the blog niche matters a lot in CPC.

      Second point is the Ads placement, for me, below post link ads working very well and most of the traffic for the news blog is from mobile, so I optimized the Ads to mobile friendly.

      You can try to change the Ads dimensions(for me 336*280 Ad working good).

      Without analyzing the blog its not possible to figure out what wrong in the CPC rate.

      Please let me know if you need more info from our side. I would be grateful to assist you on that.


      1. Please help me review my site to make sure I am placing the ads on the right place. Also since I bought a new domain name my cost per click has from possible $0.33 to $0.02 is this normal?

  2. On January 2019, I bought a new domain name for my blogger and before buying it my cost per click was around $0.11 to $0.33. Suddenly my cost per click dropped to $0.02 please what is the possible cause for the anomaly

    1. Hello Fabian,

      CPC rate depends on various factors like Content of blog, Niche, Country etc. I saw your blog ads placement is good but I think because of niche CPC rate is less.


  3. Akinduyo Eniola

    Hi Amit, this is a wonderful post.
    I have a blog with very low cpc.
    But do you think blocking of low cpc ads really work?

    1. blocking a low CPC and irrelevant ads(other than our niche) may help you to increase CPC.

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