How to increase AdSense earning with Matched Content Ads?

Google Adsense is the modern monetization technique to earn money online from the blog. Adsense is helping millions of people to make money for their living. Google is adding more features day by day to increase the Adsense clicks of the publishers. Matched content Ads unit is the new feature which Adsense introduced in April 2015.

Here I am telling you about matched content unit Ads and how you can increase the Adsense earning with the help of matched content unit.

What has Matched Content Ads?

Matched content is an ad type similar to the related post widget on our blog, but these links redirect to the other blog and your blog too. The Ads shown on our blog is similar to our blog content just like other ads. So there is the possibility of maximum click through these ads.

Google has taken this step to show the matched content ads to increase the clicks of the publishers; hence, Google revenue will also increase. The second possible benefit of this technique is to boost the page views of the blog. As the pages views, ads impression, bounce rate, total time spent on the blog increases.

When you add the matched content ads, you don’t need to insert the related post widget.

Who are eligible for matched content Ads?

Unfortunately matched content ads are not available for all the AdSense publishers. Yes, it’s strange but true. Everyone is eagerly waiting for matched content, but they didn’t meet the traffic criteria to enable matched content. Google has not disclosed the minimum traffic required to enable the matched content Ads. If you fit the specific traffic criteria, then you will get a notification in your Adsense dashboard about the matched content activation.

Here I am telling you how you can check the status of the matched content for your registered sites.

Login to your Adsense Dashboard>Setting>Sites

You will get the status of the matched content Ads unit there. If Adsense matched content is active, then you will see enabled.


  • Matched content is Adsense ad type showed on your blog based on the content.
  • Matched content is not available for you, and if you are eligible for placing the matched content ads, Google will send you the invite(you can check it on Adsense dashboard).
  • It is similar to the related post widgets on your blog.
  • We don’t know the minimum traffic required to place the matched content.
  • Matched content is helpful to increase page views, Adsense clicks hence income from Adsense, the bounce rate will improve and finally, readers will engage in our blog.
  • Most of the links showed in the matched content widget are external means when the user clicks on the ads, they will be redirected to the other blog.
  • Matched content is supported for mobile, tablet and web version.

Some FAQ about Adsense matched the content unit

Should I go for matched content Ads?

If you have the only one income source(Adsense) and it is working well for your blog, then I highly recommend you to place the matched content ads on your blog.

Why are matched content ads not activated for my Adsense account?

Matched content ads are not available to everyone. You should meet the minimum criteria for traffic to get eligible for it. Google has not disclosed the rules for the matched content.

Why would I go for matched content?

If you want to increase the Adsense income, then you should go for matched content.

How different is it from other ads types?

Matched content ads are based on your content. Google will show ads recommendation related to your content.

Where should I place the matched content Ads widget?

I would recommend you to put the matched content widgets on the right-hand side or below the blog post. Readers will get attracted to it and clicked on the ads

What are the criteria for eligibility for matched content ads?

Google has not disclosed it. If you have maximum traffic, then you will get a notification from Google.

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  1. Matched content ads looks like native ads and according to me works well if placed below post. CTR for matched content ads are much higher than other google ads.


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