9 Tips That Will Help You to increase website traffic

Are you getting enough traffic to your blog?

If YES, then best luck with your future blogging journey.

There are lots of bloggers who get disappointed because they don’t get enough traffic to their blogs.

Many bloggers quit blogging within a few months because they didn’t get enough traffic that they had expected. There must be something which they missed out. There are lots of reasons behind this, but if you follow all the rules of SEO, then you will defiantly get enough traffic.

Some bloggers choose to advertise to promote their blog and drive traffic at one point, it’s good but for beginners, we don’t want to invest money, and paid traffic is for a limited period.

In this post, I am going to cover a few tips which may help you to understand the blog traffic secret.

Quality Content

Keep in mind that in blogging, content is king. Google rewards those who have quality and unique content. Quality content is the key factor that directly affects your blog traffic.

While writing the post, write your own, and don’t copy the single line from another blog. Along with it try to write the post on trending topics so that there are high chances to get traffic to that post.

Avoid writing content that is outdated. Pick up a good, unique topic and write about it. Google will quickly pick up that content and will proudly show it on the first page.

Rich content will make you Rich.

Keywords Research

Keyword research is the first step before writing the post. You have to find out the right keywords for your blog post.

When I started my blogging journey, I didn’t know about the keywords in blogging and wrote a hundred of the post without keywords.

This is a broad topic that also must be needed. I have written a few articles about keyword research, do read them.

Try to use long-tail keywords in your blog post. The reason behind this is long-tail keywords have less competition. You can easily find out the long-tail keywords by using online tools or Google suggestions.

Use of long tail keywords will drive more organic traffic.

There are few popular keyword research tools available in the market

  • SEMRush (Paid and have 7 days free trial)
  • Ahrefs (Paid)
  • KWFinder (Paid)
  • Google Keyword Planner (Paid)

Post titles

The first thing that readers see is the title of the post. Attractive titles can automatically drive more visitors to your post. Readers also see the most shared post on your website. So, write such a title that is frequently searched on Google.

You can use any title suggestion tools to make your title unique. Almost half of the people open your post by looking at the title.

Post Length

The post length varies from short to long depending on the topic. The average length of the post is 800 words, but you can write according to your needs. If you want to write a small-length post, then it must be a to-the-point article. Don’t drive it to a long one. You should keep in mind that you have to complete the need of the readers to gain trust.

Update Regularly

Your blog will be more successful if you are a consistent blogger. You should write the content regularly and if that is not possible then you can update the old posts.

The readers want to read the fresh and updated content and it is also useful for search engine ranking.


The bounce rate is directly proportional to the Interlink.

While writing the article, you should insert the related links in between each post so that users might be interested in that links and it will be helpful to increase the page views. It’s an excellent habit to insert the interlink in between posts to increase the traffic.

By inserting, you can ask readers to read more posts on your blog. Also, it’s helpful for the SEO of your blog.

Social Media Interaction

Social media is the best place to promote your blog. It will help you to drive more traffic to your blog. As you know that everyone is using social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn to interact with readers through their pages, profiles, and communities.

Content sharing

Social media is a powerful tool for the promotion of your blog. Many of us have a habit that they share our articles on social media only once but What about the other people who had missed your articles the first time?

We should share the posts more than once on social media so that no one will miss your content and as a result of this you will get enough traffic from social media.


This is not mandatory, but to impress the readers, we should have a clean design for our blog. Keeping lots of ads, pop-ups on the blog will definitely irritate the readers and they will not visit your blog again.

Make your blog in such a way that all content is neatly organized on the whole blog. You can buy a premium theme and try to edit it, it will be costly but will defiantly give you results.

Above all are the necessary steps which you need to follow to get more traffic. Apart from this, you should do proper SEO for your blog. I have written a separate article about SEO, please check it.


  1. Gulshan Kumar

    Hey Amit,
    This one is very useful post. The biggest problem is getting tons of traffic.

    I did’t understood – “Meta title is the short description of your post that search engine shows in the search result”

    I think it will be “Meta title is the heading of your post that search engine shows in the search result”

    1. Gulshan,
      Thanks for reading, I will update post with your correction.

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