Simple ways to Increase Backlinks

SEO is all about writing Google content and optimizing the right keywords for the business. On top of it, there is another concept that is very important in blogging, BACKLINKS.

If you are a blogger, then you must know the importance of backlinks. Here, I am going to tell you the simple ways to boost backlinks for your blog. It will defiantly help you to understand the backlink strategy.

Note- I am also using these methods to increase the backlinks and ultimately the traffic.

Below are the few topics related to backlinks, which I am going to cover here.

  1. What are Backlinks?
  2. How to increase backlinks to our blog?
  3. Why is it useful?
  4. Types of backlinks
  5. SEO of backlinks

If you understand all the above topics, then definitely it will help you to increase the page rank of your blog. so let’s start with a definition.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links that are coming from external blogs/sites. You might be thinking about what types of links? Links may be of any type. Reference supposes if someone wants a reference to your blog, then they include your link in their blog. When users saw these links, they will redirect to your blog.

Now, it’s clear that more backlinks to your blog mean more attractive your blog it’s directly proportional. Now the question will arise in your mind that how to get such backlinks because nobody will put our links on their blog. I will discuss this later in this post. Right now, we are moving to the next topic types of backlinks

Types of Backlinks

There are no such standard types of backlinks, but as per my experience I have sorted out backlinks into two types

  • Quality/Good backlinks
  • Bad backlinks

Now, what is it? As earlier, I have said that external links coming to your blog mean backlinks but have you think that from which is the blog that links come? What type of that blog is or should be? Here I am sorting some questions which will help while getting backlinks from any blog.

  1. What is the niche of the blog?
  2. Is it related to our blog?
  3. How popular is that blog?
  4. Is it a spam blog?

Quality backlinks are those coming from the same niche site having more authority (that blog also must be famous)

Bad backlinks are just spam. You will get some backlinks, but only a few are necessary for your page rank. As the name suggested those bad backlinks, must be disadvantaged. Google will penalize you if you have more bad backlinks, your page rank will decrease.

So, try to increase quality backlinks, which tell Google that your blog is popular and linking with the same niche blogs.

How to increase backlinks?

Now, you have understood the basics of backlinks. Now the question is how you can increase the backlinks. Here are some ways in which I have sorted out

  • Guest post
  • Commenting
  • Social sharing content
  • Forums

The above four methods will help you a lot to improve quality backlinks. Now the question is how you can implement it, here we go

Guest post

This is one of the legal ways to get a backlink from other sites. You might have heard that some bloggers offer a guest post on their blog. You can request the admin for the guest post and write articles related to the niche of that blog if it is different from their niche they won’t approve it.

Some admin doesn’t allow others to link in the post, so before writing anything confirm it. Keep it in mind that don’t write a single post in one blog, write the 2-3 posts at least otherwise it seems that we are writing for backlinks only.


Commenting on the blog post will also increase backlinks. Make sure that your comment is related to a post because some people spam it to get a backlink like

  • Excellent post
  • Excellent article
  • Very informative

It’s not the right way to get a backlink because sometimes the admin won’t approve such a comment. If you are asking something related to that post or if you have a question about it then only you write a comment. Otherwise, it won’t be worth it.

Joining forum

The forum is a website where you can share your queries, and people will answer them. In this forum, you can share your content also if it is related to your blog. Quora is the best place to promote your blog content.

In Quora, you will see some questions related to your blog niche, try to answer all the questions briefly, and insert some links in that answer. Make sure that you are not spamming and not including too many links in the response.

Social sharing content

The social network will help you to spread your content very quickly. After you publish your content, make sure that you are sharing that content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn. These social networks are prevalent and most used all over the world.

There are few tools available in the market to manage all your social networks in one place. Hootsuite and Buffer are mostly used social network manager tools. I have written one article related to features of both and comparison do read it.


  1. Vikash Kumar

    Hello Amit Kharbade Its a Great Article Post about backlinks . can you share more forum list IT releted. Keep sharing your ideas. Your valuable ideas will help newbies to grew up into professionals.This ideas will make newbies to become more efficient in the field.

    thanks dear

    1. Thanks Vikas,you find this article helpful.May I know which type of forum you are referred here?

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