How To Install WordPress On Bluehost Hosting?

If you want to start the blog on self-hosted WordPress at the lowest price, then Bluehost is suitable for the beginner. Bluehost offers you $2.95 per month for shared hosting. As a beginner shared hosting is the right choice.

Earlier I have written about the cheapest WordPress hosting and plans, and please do read it while choosing the hosting for your blog.

Here is the WordPress installation process on Bluehost. Once you purchased the Bluehost hosting, you have two tasks to complete.

  1. Assign the domain name to the hosting.
  2. Install WordPress on that domain name.

Assign Domain name

Once you login to your Bluehost Cpanel, go to the Domain section and click on the Domain Manager

add domain name to bluehost hosting

Here, you can see a few options to register, transfer, and assign the new domain name to your current hosting. If you have already a domain name, click on the Assing a domain to your cPanel account

If you don’t have the domain name you can register the desired domain name by clicking register the domain name

If you have already a domain name registered on a different account, then you can transfer it to Bluehost by clicking Transfer the new domain name to your account.

Assign domain name to bluehost hosting

Assuming that you have your domain name-

Once you click to assign the domain, you will get a screen for assigning the domain name where you have to add the information about that domain name.

Firstly you need to enter your domain name (refer to the below screenshot).

Second, you have to verify the domain ownership, for this, you have to add the Bluehost nameservers in your domain registrar. For me, I have added the nameservers in Godaddy.

Now, You have to add the addon domain name so keep this enabled and move to the next step.

Finally, you have to choose the directory for the domain name where your domain data will be saved. It’s better to keep the domain name as a directory to quickly identify the directory location.

Click assign the domain name. That’s it, and your domain name is successfully added.

Assign domain name to bluehost hosting tutorial

Now, your domain name is ready to install WordPress. The installation procedure is straightforward, and it took only 2 minutes.

Install WordPress on Bluehost

To install the WordPress, go to the Bluehost dashboard and click on the Install WordPress in the website section.

install wordpress in bluehost

Once you click on the install, you will be asked to select the domain name. I would suggest you choose without the www because everybody is using the short domain name and it’s good to have a short domain name.

install wordpress in bluehost blog

Click next, and you will get the admin information screen. Here you have to give the site name, username for WordPress login, and email address.

Please enable all the checkboxes so that they will create the database automatically. Click the next installation process will start; you can see the progress bar above.

install wordpress in bluehost hosting

Wait for the installation process to complete, once this process is complete, you will see the message installation complete.

installation successful for bluehost

Once, the installation procedure completes, you can log in to WordPress by going to this case you can put your domain name).

Enter the username and password which you have set while installing WordPress.

That’s it. This is the WordPress installation process on Bluehost hosting. You can find the same process in all shared web hosting.

Bluehost is the cheaper web hosting provider, if you are a beginner then I would recommend you to start your blogging journey with Bluehost.

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