How To Login To Gmail Without Password?

Nobody will believe that you can log in to your Gmail account without entering the password. Is this possible?

Yes, it’s true (I was also shocked by hearing this news)

You can log in to your Gmail account without a password with the help of the Google App. You just need a mobile phone with Google App installed on it.

Google has introduced this feature because sometimes people forget their password or they don’t want to remember it, want to access their emails then they can log in to Google App.

It’s straightforward to configure this setup using Google App. Once you set this, you won’t need the password to login into any Google products (for the configuration you need to enter the password one time only).

Note- Before starting this process, you must have Google App installed on your mobile phone(IOS/Android). This method will work on any platform.

Login to your Google account and redirect to the My Account

login to google without password

You will see the Google Account Setting where you can manage all the settings. In section sign-in & security, select the Signing in to Google option.

sign in to gmail without password

Later, you will see all the Google account settings, and here you will see the signing into the Google section.

sign in to google without password

Later click on the ‘set it up.’

Now, you will get the login screen, here the first time you need to enter the password for your Google Account.

Here you will see the mobile phone on which your Google account logged in. Also, if your phone supports the Touch ID, then it will show you the option to add the extra layer to sign in. You can enable it or disable it. If you allow it, then you will need to authenticate using touch for signing in to Google. Instead, you can disable it too quickly by login into Google.

sign in to gmail account without password

Once you complete this click next, and you will get a sign-in screen to check the setup.

On your phone, you will get a prompt to check the sign-in attempt. Click yes, and you will get the log on to your Google account.

sign in to gmail without password tutorial

Next time, when you sign in to your Gmail account, you don’t need to use the password. Follow the below steps to log in to Gmail

  • Open the Google login screen
  • You will get a prompt on your mobile phone, click Yes
  • Click on the number which is shown on the login screen on the computer.
  • Done, you can now access your Gmail account.

NOTE- If you want to use the password select More ways to sign in from the login screen.

If you want to change or reset your Google account password, then visit Google help

That’s it.

Now you are a password-free person. If you like this short tutorial, then share it with your friends and you would love the below Gmail tutorials.

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  1. sidhanth singh

    dear respected sir, I don’t know my gmail account password and lost my phone number please help me sir

    1. Hi Sidhanth,

      Have you added secondary email address to your Gmail account? it will help you to recover your password.
      Let me know if you need any help.


  2. sailesh babu sthapit

    Dear respected sir, I don’t know my gmail account password, i just create it and i forgot my recovery email password too. please help me sir

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