How to manage Apple ID?

Apple ID is necessary to run the Apple devices. For example, if you have iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, you must need Apple ID to run this device and synchronize across all the devices. This is a similar concept to Android devices. If you want to start the Android devices, you need Google Account.

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you about How you can Manage Apple ID.

I will start by creating the Apple ID for your new Apple devices.

Create an Apple ID

If you want to create a new Apple ID, you can do it here. Here, you want to enter the necessary information like email address, security questions, etc.

Your email address will be your Apple ID, so be careful while entering the email ID. I would suggest you enter your personal email address so that you will remember it.

What things you can do from the dashboard

  • You can change your password, security questions to recover your password when forgotten.
  • You can add two-step verification for login.
  • You can change the payment method and shipping address.
  • Edit your personal information like name, date of birth, etc.
Create Your Apple ID

Complete the signup process. You will get a six-digit verification code on your email ID for verification purposes. Enter the code and click continue

verification of apple ID

Once you have created Apple ID, you will see the Apple Dashboard manage all the things. For example, you can see below the screenshot of the Apple ID dashboard. Here you can manage all the stuff related to Apple ID.

manage apple id

As you can see, four sections of Account, Security, Devices, Payment & Shipping.

  • Account- In the account section, you can manage your Apple ID and edit the personal information associated with it. Just click on the edit button, change, or update what you want.
change apple id

Security- In this section, you can manage all the security features of Apple ID. For example, you can change the Apple ID password, phone number and also enable the two-step verification for more security.

Devices- Here, you can check the devices on which you logged on with your Apple ID. If you see any untrusted or strange device which you don’t own, you can easily remove it to avoid further unusual activities.

manage apple id- devices
  • Payment and Shipping- Handle this section very carefully because if you have added the credit card for the purchase from the store, you can remove it. Also, you can add the shipping address for further communication.

In this way, you can do all the operations online for your Apple identity(Apple ID). I would recommend you to use the strong password and enable the two-step verification for more security.

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