How To Manage Blog If You Have Full-Time Job?

Are you an IT engineer?

Do you have a full-time job and still want to do blogging?

You people might be confused about why I am asking these questions as you know that this post is about the time management of the blog when you have a full-time job.

I am a Software engineer doing 9 to 6 jobs (more than that most of the day) at the same time I am very passionate about blogging, so I started a blog. Now, blogging is my passion and I want to continue both a full-time job and blogging.

You might be thinking about how I am managing my time between a full-time job and blogs.

It’s been quite challenging to manage a blog along with a full-time job.

Friends, let me tell you that this is my first post after half a year, do you want to know why?

For me, it’s complicated to look at both things simultaneously. I am weak in managing the time for different things.

Today I got some time for my blog from my busy schedule to write a post about the ‘Blog Schedule Management.’

Since last month I was super busy with my primary job and personal life, I did not get much time to write on my blog. I realized that it had been too hard to manage a full-time job and blogging. You hardly get two days in a week for blogging if you are working in an MNC company. On these two days (weekend) you have to do lots of personal work and blogging. That too depends on the priority of the work, which means there might be the possibility of no blogging.

Here, I am going to tell you about time management if you have a full-time job and blog too.

Writing a post on the blog is not enough, there are other tasks also which need to be taken care of like-

  • Writing the blog post This is a primary task of any blogger. People want to write more content on their blog to get the attention of Google to drive more traffic, but I would suggest that they write a few quality posts, but that should be unique. Always prefer quality over quantity.
  • Updating old blog post- You should always update the old blog post to the latest content. It will help you to improve your ranking. Also, readers will get the updated information. This is the best task you can do whenever you want.
  • Keyword Research This is quite a tricky part of blogging. You should give extra time for keywords research. Also, don’t research for keywords while writing a post, it will distract you. Search for the keywords before writing a job then you can easily use it.
  • Blog promotion/Social media interaction This is also required for all the bloggers. You should use social media for driving traffic and for reaching more people in your blog niche.
  • Email Marketing- This is also useful, nowadays everyone is trying to promote the services, products, blog through emails. Most professional people check daily email so you can add this activity in to do.
  • Topic research- This is the first activity you should do before writing a post.
  • Email and Comment checking- You have to check the emails and comments daily and reply to everyone to let them know you are active.

These are the top high-priority tasks that every blogger does according to their time. If you look at the above job carefully, you will notice only writing content activity can be done at home and also take much time.

Planning for any work is a must if you want to increase productivity. You can expect all the above tasks on a particular day. I am not saying to follow the plan strictly, but at least you will get a good habit to work on the blog. Here is how you can increase productivity.

Install blogging apps

If you have a smartphone, first install all the essential apps required for blogging and monitoring the blog performance. I have installed the below apps on my mobile.

  • Google Analytics Check the blog traffic.
  • Google AdSense Track the AdSense performance.
  • WordPress- You can draft the post if you get an idea anywhere, anytime.
  • PayPal- Track the blogging income if any.
  • Fiverr- If you have any problematic task, then you can ask an expert from all over the world on Fiverr.
  • Google Keep- Save the notes.
  • Feedly- To read the content from all the favorite blogs which you have subscribed to.
  • Outlook, Gmail– Check the emails
  • Quora- To get the idea about what people are looking for so that you can write the solution of it.

There are many other blogging applications (I might be missed a few), you can use these apps anywhere if you are sitting idle, traveling and watching TV, etc. You can track your blog performance easily anywhere.

Blogging while traveling

This is a very favorite thing for every blogger. Travel bloggers do like blogging while traveling, so do others.

As this post is about blogging when you have a full-time job, I would consider that you have a full-time job.

If you are going to the office by bus, then it is an excellent opportunity to utilize traveling time to blog promotion. Also, if possible, you can write the content or update the existing one and draft the post. Later, on the weekend you can finalize that post and publish it.

Also, if you are going for a long ride and feeling bored, then it’s the right time to promote the blog.

It took much time to do all these tasks in a week. You must need powerful time management for this.

24*7 Blogging

The title of this section is quite confusing. You would be the thing that you have to work on the blog the whole day.

If you are doing your full-time job, there might be possibilities that, you would get ideas anytime for writing on your blog. If yes, you have to note it down or draft it. Also, if you find something useful and want to share it with your readers, prepare it, or directly share it on social media.

It means you are blogging all the time, even though you are not doing it.

Respect time

As a blogger and having a full-time job makes your job schedule super busy. So, you should respect the time and your to-do list in your calendar. Plan your schedule for blogging and work accordingly. DO NOT MISS ANY TASK IN TO DO.

You can also install the various apps in a smartphone-like Wunderlist, Todoist, Trello, etc. to manage your tasks.

Carry a notebook

Carrying a notebook is an old fashion idea, but still, some bloggers use it. Almost everyone has a smartphone, so they can note it.

In my opinion as a blogger, you must have a notebook, so whenever you get ideas about blogging, you can note them down, later you can implement them on your blog.

Coming to the climax of this post, above all are my ideas to manage the time while you have a full-time job. If you have any in your mind, let us share them with our readers.

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