How to setup a custom domain name to Blogger?

custom domain name to blogger blog

Google Blogger allow you to create a free blog with a free domain name. If you have purchased the domain name and you can configure the custom domain name to blogger blog.

Assuming that you have purchased the domain name from GoDaddy and want to set up it to blogger.

GoDaddy is a very popular domain name service provider company available. We can buy a domain name starting just at $1 per month. There are few things which you need to consider before buying a domain name.

Google Blogger supports a Custom Domain Name, it means you can assign a third party domain name to your BlogSpot blog. If you have Blogspot blog and GoDaddy domain name then assigning a domain name to BlogSpot blog is quite straightforward.  

In this short tutorial, I will explain to map a GoDaddy domain name to a Blogspot blog. Also, you will learn a few terms related to domain name like DNS, Host, Target, from this tutorial.  

The custom domain name to Blogger

Login to your blogger account and go to Setting >> Basic

In the publishing tab, you will see the blog address.

Click on the Set up third party URL for your blog put your domain name which you owned (purchased from GoDaddy) and save it.

You will get an error with some information. Be patient and keep this window open.  

Click DNS Setting File and Download the Zone file.  

Now, Login your GoDaddy account and select your domain name.

Click on the Manage >> DNS Zone File, delete all existing record which GoDaddy added by default and Click Import Zone File.  

Select your Zone file that you have downloaded and Save it.  

Now go to Blogger and put your domain name and save it. It will save successfully.

You can test the domain name mapping by going to the browser and open your blog. It will take 24 hours to reflect on all the changes.

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