Do you want to see how fast your website loads? Do you want to improve the website loading speed?

If YES, then MonsterInsights will help you in both improving and knowing the website loading speed.

Website loading speed is one of the ranking factors for Google, so you can’t ignore it. So it is awesome if we can see the site loading speed in the WordPress dashboard. That’s where the MonsterInsights Site Speed Report came into the picture.

MonsterInsights is a popular WordPress plugin used for many purposes like monitoring blog traffic using Google Analytics, Scroll Depth Tracking, Form Source Tracking, WooCommerce sites, File Download Tracking, and many more.

MonsterInsights 7.14 has introduced the Site Speed Report to check the website speed report. You can check the site speed report and improve the user experience of your website.

So, let’s see how we can monitor and improve the website loading speed with MonsterInsights.

NOTE- MonsterInsights is a free plugin, but if you want to access its premium features, then you would have to purchase the license for MonsterInsights.

Install and Activate MonsterInsights

The first step is to install and activate the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin. It is a free plugin available in the WordPress store, but you would have to buy the premium version of it if you want more features.

Site Speed Report

If you have installed the MonsterInsights plugin, navigate to Insights » Reports » Site Speed. In this section, you can check the four different factors.

  • Server Response Time- The time taken by the server to respond to an HTTP request.
  • First Contentful Paint- The time takes to load the visual elements like font and images.
  • Time to Interactive- This is the time when your page first starts loading to when it’s no longer loading.
  • Total Blocking Time- The time it takes until the user interacts with the website.

Improve Website Speed

Along with the site speed report, MonsterInsights also help you to improve the site speed.

You can set a goal to improve each factor, and also, you will get a recommendation about how you can improve the speed page. You have to follow the suggestions, and you would achieve the site speed goals.

For each factor, you will get a detailed explanation about the most common reasons that are causing site loading speed. Then, you can directly check those points and try to improve them. Ultimately the final goal is to improve the whole site speed.

Final Words

MonsterInsights is a premium WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. It will give you more detailed insights into your website. If you want to know your readers better and check how they interact with your site, then you go for MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights Site Speed Report features will help you know the site loading speed, and you can improve it by following the recommendation of MonsterInsights.

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