Best ways to increase your social media traffic to your blog

Social media traffic plays a crucial role in driving targeted readers to your blog. If you are not getting any organic traffic, then try to increase at least social media traffic, which will help your content to reach more people as possible.

If you want to reach your newly published content to the world, then social media will help you. This is the reason why every blogger creates social pages for their blog.

In this article, I am going to tell you my promotion strategy, how I promote blog content to social media, which help me to drive more social traffic. I recommend you to join all possible social sites to promote your blog.

Social media traffic

Before starting this blog, I have joined Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and it is working magnificently for me. Here, on ScrollBucks, I am getting 30% of social traffic daily. As you know that all popular social networking sites are popular, each having one billion active users.

When I publish the new post then first, I share it on the Facebook page, related Facebook groups, etc. If you want to share your content on Facebook, then make sure that you are not spamming any group and don’t post content which will irritate readers.

The second powerful social site is Twitter. Create a Twitter account for your blog and try to share all your post twice a day on Twitter. Increase your twitter followers so that in future it will drive more traffic to you. I am using TweetDeck application for Twitter, a fast, reliable application which makes you share content faster than default Twitter web version.

A third popular social site is Google Plus. I have created a Google Plus profile and page for my blog. When I publish the new post then first, I share it on related Google communities, regularly Google plus page and my Google profile.

Finally, I came to the professional site which will also help you to make your content reachable to the world, yes I am talking about LinkedIn. Mostly I share my blog content on the LinkedIn profile. Some people join new groups and share their content on it.

As per my opinion, these four social media are sufficient to make your content reachable to the world.

Submit blog to various search engine

You can submit your website to the different search engines so that your blog will be visible to all search engines. Once you submit your site to the search engine, it will index all your web pages. I have submitted my blog to Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine but mostly 98% traffic getting from Google.

Bookmarking sites

Bookmarking is nothing but bookmarks a website so that we can read it later. Instead of saving them to a web browser, you are saving them to the web, and it’s online so that you can easily share them with users. This is one of the ways you can promote your websites. Here is some list of sites that will help you to bookmark your blog StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg.


Commenting on the website is an excellent habit so that the readers of that blog will see your comment and try to visit your blog. Try to give a decent comment to attract readers. If you have a query regarding the content, then you can ask with the help of the comment section.


First, you need to build an email list and try to increase it day by day. You can create the newsletter of your blog describing the blog, single post, etc. and send it to all your contact list so that they will come to know about your blog. If possible mention in the mail that “forward this mail to all your contacts”.


Now, everyone is using WhatsApp, Hike, Wechat, Viber, and if your friends are using these messengers, then its the right place to promote your blog. Just send a broadcast message to all your friends telling about your blog they will check it and ask them to share it with all their contact.

Paid Techniques

You can use paid techniques to promote your blog like Google AdWords, Facebook AdWords. To use this technique, you need to spend some money. Facebook paid ads are a powerful way to promote your blog as billions of users using Facebook.

Here I am sharing my promoting techniques to make my blog popular

  • You can also share your blogging experience with your friends so that everyone will come to know about your blog. For that, you have to make a public announcement on social networking sites that you have started a blog.
  • You can take help from your close friends to promote your blog, tell them to share a link to your blog with all his/her friends.
  • Participate in a forum and tell about your new blog to users.
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