How to Quickly Create Exit Popups for WooCommerce?

Do you have an eCommerce website but not getting any sales? 

OptinMonster will help you to increase your sales by using different types of campaigns.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a popup for your BigCommerce store, which will help to increase sales.

OptinMonster is the best WordPress plugin for lead generation, increasing conversion, and growing your email list. You can create an attention-grabbing campaign that will help your business to make more sales.

Sign Up for OptinMonster

NOTE- OptinMonster is a paid WordPress plugin. If you want to use its premium features, you can buy it with 14 days of the money-back guarantee.

First, you would have to sign up for the OptinMonster. Once you registered, you can log in to your account.

Create Campaign

You will land up on the dashboard, now you have to Create New Campaign, you can see the option at the top right corner.

optinmonster exit intent popups campaign

Then, you can select the campaign type.

For this tutorial, we are using the Popup campaign. However, OptinMonster allows us to create multiple campaigns like a floating bar, slide-in Inline, etc.

Choose Template

You have to choose the template for your campaign. To make your work easier, OptinMonster provides a predefined template that we can use to avoid more effort in designing. If you want to design it from scratch, you can also choose the Canvas template.

OptinMonster has all types of templates depending on your user base. For example, if you have more mobile visitors, you can filter the templates depending on the Desktop/Tablet or use Mobile Optimized.

If you choose the mobile-optimized template, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work on the desktop. On the contrary, it will work as expected. The only change is that it is developed so that it will work well on mobile devices.

For this tutorial, we are using the Shopping template. It is predefined, so we don’t have to put much effort into designing.

After choosing the template, you would have to put the campaign name and the site name on which you are going to run the campaign.

Design Campaign

The next step is to design the template as per your need.

You can click on any component and you will get the customization options to the left side panel. You can add images, text, buttons, etc.

You can add the blocks by clicking Add Blocks. Then, you have to drag the components and drop them where you want. OptinMonster supports almost all types of components.

Display Your BigCommerce Popup

Once you designed the Campaign, its time to display it on your website. You have to specify when and where your Campaign will display.

OptinMonster has powerful display rules which you can apply for every Campaign. By using display rules, you can show the right Campaign to the right users.

You have to click on the display rules from the top menu.

By default, two display rules are set to all campaigns.

  • Time on the page is at least 5 seconds
  • The current URL path is any page

It means when readers are on your website(any page) for at least 5 seconds. Then your campaign will display.

OptinMonster has a very useful and popular feature, Exit-Intent® trigger. We can apply this in the display rule to show your campaign when readers are about to leave your website so that they will get a chance to come back and do some activity. This feature is available on mobile and desktop users.

To add the Exit-Intent® trigger click on Time on a page which is out first display rule, and search for the Exit-Intent.

Now, select the device on which you want to add this display rule. You can choose all devices for better results.

After that Exit-Intent® Sensitivity, by default it is medium, you can keep as per your need, but the default one is better.

Now the final display rule for your campaign will be like, your campaign will display on all the pages when the Exit-Intent is found.

OptinMonster supports another important display rule, eCommerce. You can search for eCommerce in the drop-down menu for your trigger options.

If you choose eCommerce, you will see options for the BigCommerce store. If you have a BigCommerce site then you can use this feature.

The eCommerce options including BigCommerce Cart

  • Total
  • Subtotal
  • Contains

You can use these display rules for your eCommerce website and reduce cart abandonment.

Once you complete all customization and display rules, the final step is saving your campaign and publishing it.

Actionable campaign for getting more sales

  • If you are running any promotion on your website, you can create a campaign for your promotion. The chances are more to get the sales for promotions.
  • You can display the recommended products on the cart to be interested in similar products.
  • If the user is not doing checkout and is about to leave the cart, you can use OptinMonster’s exit-intent feature to display the popup and give another reminder to the user to make a purchase.


OptinMonster will help you to grow your sales using a popup campaign with an exit-intent feature. If you have an eCommerce site, then you can go for OptinMonster. It is worth purchasing this plugin.

Along with this feature, OptinMonster will help you to grow your email list, convert users to sales, etc.

We can say that OptinMonster is all in one plugin which will help the business to grow.

You’ll love to read more about OptinMonster

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