How to set up a Google Analytics Stats Dashboard on WordPress?

Google Analytics is the best free tool to monitor website traffic. As a newbie blogger, it’s complicated to configure Google Analytics, also the dashboard of Google Analytics is quite confusing.

In my recent post, I had explained the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin for Google Analytics and also MonsterInsight for WooCommerce sites. Monsterinsights is the best handy WordPress plugin you can go for as a newcomer.

and also MonsterInsights for WooCommerce sites. Monsterinsights is the best handy WordPress plugin you can go for as a newcomer.

In this post, I am going to tell you about how to set up a stats dashboard on WordPress sites.

Prerequisite- Before starting, I would recommend you to read how to set up Google Analytics using MonsterInsight WordPress plugin?

I assume that you have configured the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin to your site. Now, you can see the Google Analytics added to your WordPress dashboard.

MonsterInsights WordPress plugin will add two types of WordPress reporting dashboards.

  1. MonsterInsights Dashboard Widget
  2. MonsterInsights Custom Dashboards

Here, I will explain both the dashboards in detail. Let start with the MonsterInsights dashboard widget.

MonsterInsights dashboard widget

MonsterInsights dashboard widget will quickly give you an overview of your site’s traffic. This dashboard will be added to your site automatically and by default, it will show you the overview of the traffic.

You can see the dashboard widget to the WordPress dashboard by default. It will show you

  • Sessions and Pageviews- The total number of sessions and pageviews for the last 30 days. Along with this, it will show you the comparison to the previous 30 days.
  • Average session duration– You will see the average session duration for the 30 days.
  • Bounce rate- You can see the bounce rate of your site.
  • New vs. returning visitors report
  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet users stats.

You can customize the MonsterInsights Analytics dashboard as per your requirements.

Apart from the above sections, you can add different types of tabs from the Publishers report and eCommerce report.

In publishers report, you can add the below tabs to your dashboard

  • Top landing pages of your site
  • Top exit pages
  • Top outbound links
  • Top Affiliate links
  • Top download links

In the eCommerce report, you can add the below tabs to your MonsterInsights dashboard

  • Overview of the eCommerce
  • Top-performing products
  • Top Conversion sources
  • Total time to purchase
  • Sessions to purchase

By default, the MonsterInsights dashboard has a tabbed view but you can make it fullscreen mode. You just have to use the blue cursor to make it a full view. Please refer to the below snapshot.

MonsterInsights custom dashboard

We can add the different types of the dashboard to the MonsterInsights analytics as per our requirements. You can view all analytics reports inside the WordPress dashboard, it’s a Google Analytics report.

To view the complete analytics report, you can go to Insights >> Reports

Here, you can see all types of dashboards and analytics.

Overview Report- In the overview tab, you can see the sessions and pageviews related to analytics, you can switch between them. Along with it, you can see the top-performing countries, referrals, and pages.

Publishers Report- Here, you can see the top landing and exit pages, top outbound, affiliate, and download links.

ECommerce Report- If you have configured the analytics for an eCommerce site, you can see the transaction, revenue, top-performing product, and total add-to-cart products, etc.

Search console report- This report shows you all search console-related analytics that we used to see in the Google search console like details of clicks, impressions, CTR, and average position, etc.

Custom dimensions report- In this report, you can see the custom dimensions links top authors, top keywords and categories and custom post types, etc.

Forms tracking report- You can see all types of WordPress forms stats here like impressions, conversions, and conversion rate for each form.

Note- MonsterInsights some features are paid for, you have to buy the premium version of it to take advantage of all the features.

Why we should use MonsterInsights?

  • MonsterInights WordPress plugin is easy to install and has a user-friendly analytics dashboard.
  • You will get the analytics of your blog right from the WordPress dashboard so that you can quickly analyze it.
  • MonsterInsights provides more reports than Google Analytics like eCommerce, forms, downloads reports, etc.

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