How To Set Up hCaptcha : A Free And Privacy-focused Alternative

Do you want to get rid of the fake form submission by bots? WPForms has a solution for this.

WPForms is a popular WordPress Form plugin having many features to prevent spam submission of the forms. WPForms allows us to create different types of forms like an online order form, multi-page forms, etc.

You can read my review of WPForms WordPress plugin.

WPForms is not just a form plugin but it supports many integrations that are helpful for your business. You can integrate your PayPal and Stripe account to accept payment.

Recently, I have published an article about how we can integrate the Google reCAPTCHA in WPForms to prevent spam form submission.

Now, WPForms has introduced the hCaptcha integration which is available from WPForms v1.6.4. We can use the hCaptcha as an alternative to Google’s reCAPTCHA.

hCaptcha is a free tool by WPForms which can easily identify the spam and bots while submitting the forms. It will ask few questions before submitting forms to find out you are a human.

hCaptcha Integration

If you want to add the hCaptcha to your WordPress forms, first, you have to choose the default CAPTCHA for your forms.

Go to WPForms settings and navigate to CAPTCHA. You will see two options hCaptcha and Google’s reCAPTCHA.

You can select your default CAPTCHA as hCaptcha. For example, you can refer to the below screenshot.

Create Simple Forms and Add hCaptcha

Now, we will create one simple form and add the hCaptcha to the form.

Go to WPForms » Add New to create a new form.

You will get the predefined templates for forms. You can choose anyone which you prefer. Here I am going to use the simple contact form for tutorial purposes.

Once you choose the simple contact form, you can customize it as per your requirement. First, you need to click on the field, and you will get the customization options to the left side panel.

From the left side panel, you have to select the hCaptcha and add it to the form. As you have already chosen the default CAPTCHA as hCaptcha, you will get hCaptcha in the left side panel.

Refer to the below screenshot for the hCaptcha button.

Add Form With hCAPTCHA To WordPress

Once you are done with your customization, you can publish your form and use it in your posts or pages.

If you want to add the form to your WordPress site, go to the WordPress editor, and you will see the WPForms button.

If you don’t see the icon, then click on the add block icon and search for WPForms, you will get the icon, click on it and choose your form.

Once you publish your page you will see the form with hCaptcha feature.


If you want to prevent spam and bot submission for your WordPress forms, you must integrate CAPTCHA in forms.

hCaptcha is the best alternatives to Google’s reCAPTCHA. People who don’t want to use the reCAPTCHA can use the WPForms hCaptcha.

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