How to set up WordPress locally using DesktopServer?

Local WordPress setup is essential to make changes to a live blog. If you are a WordPress developer/blogger, then you must have it to customize the live WordPress website.

Recently I have written a guide for the local WordPress setup with the XAMPP (you can try this also).

Today, I found another most straightforward way to create a local copy of your live WordPress site for customization and all. I am sharing the guide How I made a local setup with the DesktopServer. You can set up a WordPress blog within 10 minutes with the help of DesktopServer.

Download the DesktopServer from the official site

DesktopServer is available for the Windows and Mac platform means you can install WordPress on Mac also.

Once you Download the DesktopServer, install it (keep the default settings), click on the .dmg file, the installation process will begin.

install desktopserver

Click on the continue, keep the ‘New DesptopServer Limited Installation.’

install desktopserver process

The installation process will be complete.

desktopserver installed

Now, Open the DesktopServer from the installed apps.

desktopserver admin privileges

It will ask for start the Apache and MYSQL server, now the Apache and MySQL server started, and its time to create the new WordPress website

apache and mysql services in desktopserver

 You will get the three options

  1. Stop and Restart the web and database services.
  2. Remove, copy or move the existing website.
  3. Create a new development website.

If you are creating the website the first time, then choose the third option.

create new website with desktopserver

Next, you have to enter the website information; you can check out

create wordpress website with desktopserver

Click on the create; you will get the URL to install the WordPress locally. Click on the URL you will be redirected to the website setup.

wordpress installation on locally with desktopserver

Enter all the information along with the username and password of the local WordPress website.

wordpress installation

Now, you are ready to use the local WordPress site for development purposes. You can install any theme which you want from the directory.

You can access your login page of the local site by

You can change the name of your website; this is the same URL as your live WordPress site. Before accessing the above login page, you have to start the web services and MySQL database. Only, open the DesktopServer and launch the services.

Unfortunately, the free version of DesktopServer allows you to add three development websites with limited features. If you want to create multiple WordPress websites with full functionalities access, then you have to upgrade it to the premium version. It will cost you $99; this is a one-time payment but worth investing in if you are a WordPress developer.

If you like the above tutorial, then do share it and read the below post related to WordPress.

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