Do you want to share the Google Analytics reports with your clients? Of course, BUT without giving proper access to a Google Analytics account, it seems impossible. 

In this situation, MonsterInsights will help you to share the Google Analytics reports securely.

NOTE- MonsterInsights is a premium plugin. You need to purchase it and activate it to use the export analytics data feature.

I recently wrote an article about how we can configure Google Analytics for WordPress blogs using MonsterInsights. You can check that article to get the basic idea about the MonsterInsights setup.

MonsterInsights helps you with tracking file downloads, author tracking, scroll depth tracking, etc. You can refer to the below articles.

Let’s see how we can share the Google Analytics data using MonsterInsights.

Share weekly website stats over email.

Suppose your client needs the website traffic report weekly, then sharing over email is the best way to share the traffic report with them.

With MonsterInsights, this is easier to configure the weekly stats reports of the website.

I am assuming that you have installed the MonsterInsights plugin.

Go to the WordPress dashboard, head over to Insights » Settings » Advanced, and go to the Email Summaries section.

Here, you can enable the email summaries and specify the email addresses of the recipient. You can add up to 5 email addresses.

Also, you can customize the email header so that you can put your brand logo.

This is how the sample email looks like with the website stats.

Export Google Analytics Report as PDF

Another way to share the Google Analytics reports with your client is to export them as PDF and send it over email or any other method.

If you have MonsterInsights installed on your site, you can easily export the analytics report.

You have to go to the MonsterInsights dashboard and pull the report which you want.

In the overview section, you will see the button export PDF report. Once you click it, the report will get downloaded.

Give Permission to View Google Analytics Reports

If the client or team members want to see the Google Analytics data, we can give them proper permission and let them view the data.

MonsterInsights makes this very easier to permit other users. If you want to permit specific users, then go to Insights » Settings » Advanced.

You can see the permission section. You can add the users to see the Google analytics report.

In this way, MonsterInsights will help you share the Google Analytics data with the clients or team members.

Export data in Google Analytics

If you want the analytics data in other file formats, then you can use Google Analytics itself. For example, in Google Analytics, you can export the data in Google Sheets, Excel file, or CSV format.

Log in to your Google Analytics account and pull the report which you want to export.

In the top right corner, you can see the export data option available. You can click it and choose the proper file format. Then, it will start downloading your report.


MonsterInsights is a premium WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. It will give you more insight into the visitors. If you want to know your readers better and check how they interact with your site, then you go for MonsterInsights.

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