How To Split Large SQL Files To Import Databases Easily

I was doing the local WordPress setup of my blog, I had faced a problem while importing the database. To make a local setup of a WordPress blog, you need to import the SQL file of all your live databases to local PhpMyAdmin.

The size of my database file is around 9 MB. PhpMyAdmin allows only a maximum of 2 MB files to import. I was confused, and finally, I got a solution to import the large SQL files.

If you need to migrate your blog to another WordPress hosting, then you will have to move the database to another hosting along with the other data. If your blog is old, then the size of the database would be bigger. Then sometimes we will face the issue while importing the database to new hosting.

How to compress the database SQL file size in WordPress?

  • Use a plugin to compress the database size.
  • Split the database SQL file into smaller parts and import all the files one by one.
  • Manually breaking the SQL file is dangerous as we don’t know how many queries to include in the single file.

In this short tutorial, I am going to tell you about the useful tool that will split large database SQL file into small files so that you can import all the files one by one.

SQL Dump Splitter

SQL Dump Splitter is a free tool by which you can split large SQL files into smaller files. The UI of this utility is simple as anyone will get understood.

Steps to split large SQL files

  • First, open the SQL Dump Splitter.
  • Choose the large SQL file from your local machine.
  • Provide the target location to download the smaller files.
  • Click on the execute button, it will create smaller parts within a few seconds.
  • You can also use this utility by using the command line interface.

The UI of the utility might get changed, the below screenshot was taken when I have written this tutorial.

sql dump splitter

The bonus feature of this utility is you can set the maximum size for each output file. So that the size of the files will not be exceeded your threshold, once all the chunks are created, you can import them into your WordPress blog or other use.

NOTE- The developer of this utility has released the new version for all three platforms Linux, Windows, macOS. Also, this utility is completely free.

If you like the above tutorial, then share it with your friends and if you have any queries then write to us.

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  1. I had to move my WordPress website to another server and my DB was too large. I couldn’t split it manually, so I searched for another option.
    “SQL Dump Splitter” worked perfectly for me but it wasn’t enough. When I uploaded the DB files I had to upload the keys and the “auto incrementer” settings at last. With this solution, I could move my website. So thanks for writing it.

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