How to start a blog for free on Blogger [With Screenshots]?

start blog on blogger

Do you want to start a blog freely?

That’s an excellent idea to express yourself with your blog free of cost. Yes, that’s true. Now you can create your blog without investing a single buck.

Google offers you to create a free blog with one of the most popular Google tools called ‘Blogger.’ Every blogger has used this platform for creating a blog. As a beginner, we don’t have any idea about blogging, so everyone chooses the blogger as this is easy to use and understand.

Before starting, I want to tell you some intentions/reasons behind that blogging

  • Passion- More people do blogging because they love to write; they love to express their feeling to the world.
  • To help peoples- Some bloggers are very kind, they do blogging because they want to help other people. They write the tutorials on their blog, listen to the queries of the readers and write the solutions, etc
  • Money- This is also the primary intention behind blogging; most of the bloggers choose to blog for money. Here is the best way to earn money through blogging.
  • Pasttime- Blogging is the best pastime for everyone.

In this post, I am going to tell you about creating your blog with a Blogger. So, let starts your blogging journey here

Note- In this post, I am only explaining about the Blogger platform.

To create a blog on the blogger platform, you need to have a Google account. I recommend you create a new separate account for your blog don’t mix it with your personal account.

For example,- I have created a new Google account for my blog([email protected]), you can create it for your blog.

Before proceeding, log in to your newly created Google account.

Open the Blogger and click on the ‘Create your blog.’

Once you click on that, you will ask for the login detail, if not create a new account there itself.

create a free blog with blogger

You will get a screen for creating a new blog. Enter all the information of your blog name and choose a proper blog URL; this will be your final URL. Most of the URL is not available, so pick a unique URL.

create a blogger blog

As it is a free blog, the blogger will append at the suffix. If you don’t want this URL, you can buy your custom domain name from third-party sites like GoDaddy and map it here. Assigning the Godaddy domain name to the blogger blog is straightforward.

Right now, forget about the custom domain name, we are going to create it for free.

So finally my blog URL is (depending on your country, domain name extensions will vary so don’t worry about it).

Now, the free blog has been created, what next?

The next task is to choose the right theme for your blog. Blogger itself provides you with a few default themes, and you can use them; otherwise, there are thousands of free themes available on the various sites, you can search them and use them.

Here, I am telling you about the default theme.

Go to the themes and choose any theme which you like

choose theme for blogger blog

Once you selected the right theme, it’s time to organize that theme. You can do it in the layout section. Refer to the below screenshot.

In the layout section, you can add/remove the widgets to your theme.

add widgets in blogger blog

The next is to update the blog information and name visible to the search engine.

update blog description and name in blogger
  • In the Post, comments and sharing section you can set the number of posts on the home page, comment related information and the Google plus to blogger connectivity. In this setting, you need to update the number of posts on the home page as per your requirement by default it is set to seven.
  • In the other setting, you can delete, import, backup and set the Google Analytics property.

Unlike WordPress, the blogger default setting will work fine. We don’t need to update it.

Now, all done. What’s next?

Below are few tutorials on the blogger blog, do read it

Once, you have configured all the tools and setting for your blog, and it’s time to write a post and attract more visitors. To get more traffic, you need to implement some SEO techniques for your blog.

I have written an excellent post about how to write an SEO-friendly post to attract targeted readers do check this and implement it in your blog.

If you like this post, then share it and if you face any problems then let me know.

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