How To Submit Sitemap in BlogSpot Blog?

Submit Sitemap In BlogSpot Blog

A sitemap is a directory of all URL’s present on your website. The sitemap helps search engines to crawl all the web pages present in your blog. If you want to tell the search engine about all web pages present on your blog, then you must submit a sitemap to search engines.

It will take a few days to index all the URLs of your blog. You can submit a sitemap by using Google Search Console.

If you don’t have Google Search Console installed for your website then refer to this guide- Google Search Console setup

Update Robots.txt File

Before submitting the sitemap, you have to update the robots.txt file.

The Robot.txt file interacts with the search engine and tells web robots (most often search engines) which pages on your site to crawl.

To update the robots.txt file login to the BlogSpot dashboard. Navigate to Setting >> Crawlers and indexing

Here is the format of robots.txt file.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Update the robots.txt as per the above code. Replace your domain name with your actual domain name.

You can see the sitemap URL like this.

This sitemap will submit the URLs up to 500 indexes, after that you have to add the sitemap like this.

This sitemap submits the next 500 URL’s on your website. Like this, you can add an unlimited sitemap to your robots.txt file

Once you update the file, then you can save changes.

Submit Sitemap In Google Search Console

Open the Google Search Console and navigate to Sitemap and paste your sitemap URL (mentioned in the robot.txt file).

Submit it. Refer to below screenshot.

That’s it, now your blog’s URL’s will start indexing and you can track the performance in Google search console.

Click on the sitemap. You will get all detailed information about the URL.

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