How to test internet speed of your broadband?

test internet speed

Currently, there are some applications available in the market which will help you to test the internet speed of your service provider or broadband. I have used speedtest app for my iPhone to check the broadband speed, and it was up to 14mbps. Here I am suggesting you some applications that will help you to test the internet speed.

1.Speedtest by Ookla

A top-rated broadband speed test app was available freely on the market. You can quickly test your broadband download and upload speed. You can also check your broadband network. With the help of this application, you will come to know how fast you can download and uploads the files.

You can download the Android and IOS application for your mobile to test the mobile internet speed. Last week I installed the speedtest app on my iPhone; this is my internet speed.

speedtest by ookla

This is a website used to test your internet speed. One drawback is that you will see the internet speed. You won’t get to upload and download speed. If you want to test the download and upload speed, then you will get a speedtest link on

This is another option to test your internet speed. On this website, you have different opportunity to test upload and download speed of your service provider.


  1. Test your broadband speed for upload and download.
  2. A detailed report of Internet speeds with graphs.
  3. Automatically test your internet speed at the specified time.

internet speed test

Above three sites used to test your internet speed so that you can understand how fast you can download and upload. Mostly speedtest is used worldwide, and you will get some mobile applications to check your internet speed. If you are using other apps to monitor your internet performance, then let us know.

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