MonsterInsight is a popular WordPress plugin used for many purposes like Configuring the Google Analytics for a website, Scroll Depth Tracking, Author Tracking, WooCommerce sites, and many more.

Google Analytics will show you all statistics about your website visitors. However, if you want more details about how readers interact with your website, MonsterInsight comes into the picture. MonsterInsight with Google Analytics makes a good pair to track all kinds of website information.

In this article, we will learn about the new MonsterInsights integration with GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro.

eCommerce Tracking With MonsterInsights

If you own any eCommerce websites and want to track your sales and other activities, then MonsterInsights will help you.

MonsterInsights has introduced the eCommerce integration. By this, you can easily track the performance of your eCommerce store. You can monitor the behaviour of customers and optimize your website accordingly.

You don’t need to have any explicit coding knowledge. MonsterInsights will take care of eCommerce tracking.

MonsterInsights is now supporting the GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro plugins. GiveWP is a WordPress donation plugin that allows you to collect the donation and manage their details.

Restricted Content Pro is a membership WordPress plugin by which you can offer exclusive content to members and manage users.

As MonsterInsights supports these two plugins, you can easily track the performance of both plugins from the WordPress dashboard itself.

Enable eCommerce Tracking

First, you have to buy the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin. It is a free plugin, but if you want more features and third-party integration, you need to upgrade it.

MonsterInsights is available in three different plans plus, pro, agency. You can check the below screenshot for pricing.

Once you buy the MonsterInsights plugin then you can navigate to Insights » Addons » eCommerce

Open the WordPress dashboard and navigate to Insights » Settings and select eCommerce from the top menu. Now, enable the Use Enhanced eCommerce option.

Once you enable the eCommerce tracking, MonsterInsights will automatically track your eCommerce website.

You can check the report from Insights » Report » eCommerce

Final Words

If you have an eCommerce website and want to know the performance report for your website, then you can upgrade MonsterInsights and keep an eye on customers’ behaviour. By looking at the report, you will know where you have to focus more to get more sales.

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