How to transfer AdSense account from one Google account to others?

In my recent article, I have explained about Google AdSense.

Here, I am going to tell you how you can transfer Adsense account from one Google account to another.  

Suppose, your primary Adsense account present on, and you want to transfer it to

Steps to transfer Adsense account

Sign in to your Adsense account (on which your Adsense account present)

Go to the Setting >> Access and Authorization >> User management

transfer adsense account

Enter the email address where you want to transfer your AdSense account and click on the invite.

The confirmation link will be sent to your new email address and click on the confirmation link.

Once the new user( confirmed, this account will be visible to the ‘User Management’ section.

After that, you can enable the administrator checkbox for a new email ID so that you can access your Google Adsense account from a unique email ID. This new account will have all admin access. It will remove all the remaining accounts too.

That’s it. Now you can add multiple administrators to a single account for the flexibility of your Account account.

Here, you can remove the first Google account from the user and make the Admin to your desired account. Now, your account will be accessed from the new Google account.

You can read the Adsense Tutorials for further details.

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