What is TeamViewer And How To Use It?

Teamviewer review

Currently, all IT companies use Microsoft products for Screen Sharing, Email Service, Remote Desktop Connect, etc. We can handle all these features only if we are a part of any IT organization.

What if you are not a part of any organization?

Here Teamviewer plays the best role and will reduce almost all your workload.

What is Teamviewer? 

Teamviewer is a software used for Remote control, File transfer, Schedule Meeting, and Screen sharing with any other PC/desktop/laptop/Mobile. The only requirement is both the devices must have Teamviewer installed.

Teamviewer helps you to control your partner’s PC from your location just like you are sitting in front of their PC. The bonus feature of TeamViewer is you can quickly transfer files from one PC to another. For that, you must have a network.

Visit TeamViewer for more information and download the latest version.

Now we will start a step by step guide on How to use the Teamviewer from your PC.

Step 1- First install the Teamviewer from the official site. Teamviewer is available almost for all the platform. Once you installed the TeamViewer its time to work on it.

Teamviewer can do

  1. Screen Sharing(Remote Control)
  2. File Transfer

Before starting on this make sure that you and your partner must be connected to the network and have the latest version of TeamViewer. If both of you has a different version, it might be the possibility of compatibility issue.

teamviewer demo

Step 2- Once you open the TeamViewer application, you will see the above screen showing two parts Allow remote control and control a remote computer. Here is the meaning of both

Allow remote control-To give accesses/control of your PC to another person

Control remote computer-To take control of your partners PC

Allow Remote Control(For partner)

As you know that this functionality used to give access to your PC to another person. For that, you need to share your ID with your partner. They will enter your ID and password(you can quickly get the ID and password from the allow remote control section, refer above screenshot) in control remote computer section to connect to your PC.

Once all done your screen will be visible on your partner’s PC and they will able to control your PC.

Now, your partner can access all your data, files everything, and also share the files from their PC to yours. This is what Teamviewer is building for.

Control Remote Computer(For you)

This functionality is used for taking control of other PC. Ask your partner about user ID and password, once you know it then enters it into control remote computer section. You will get connected to the partner PC and able to access their PC from your machine.

If you want to use Teamviewer for file transfer then before connecting to other PC select file transfer options and join.


If you want to join a meeting consisting of more than one people, then go to the meeting section, enter the meeting ID, you will get a meeting ID from the host. Put your name so that anyone will identify you and join the meeting. Now everyone will see the host screen on their machine. You will also host the meeting, schedule a meeting.

teamviewer meeting

Keep it in mind that you need to sign up for scheduling the meeting it means for essential features you don’t need to sign up. I recommend you to sign up before using TeamViewer.

Currently, Teamviewer is available free for the basic features which are explained above. If you want more features (for a corporate) you can buy a premium version of Teamviewer to access more features.


Teamviewer is available for three plans Business, Premium, and Corporate

Pricing for all the plans is different as it offers various features for different plans. Here is the pricing of the plans

teamviewer pricing

Note- I recommend you use the free version of Teamviewer if you are using it for personal. For corporate, the above plans are suitable as they can afford the price and have more remote work to do.

Few things you must know about TeamViewer

  • For sharing, transferring files you don’t need to sign up, you can do it without it. You need a partner ID to connect with the PC.
  • Both people have the latest version of TeamViewer (backward compatibility is possible).
  • Both devices must have a working network connection without a network; it is not possible.

That’s it now you are ready to use TeamViewer, still, if you have faced any issue then let me know I will try to solve your problem. Do comment if you find out more features of TeamViewer.

Here are all the user manuals for TeamViewer.

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  1. Teamviewer is a good remote support tool. Other good remote support alternatives are logmein, R-HUB remote support servers, etc. They work well.


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