Important tips to avoid AdSense ban

Is your AdSense account banned by Google?

Do you want to get rid of this?

If you are an AdSense user then you must know how difficult it is to get the approval of the Adsense program.

I heard so many stories about Google banned the Adsense account of bloggers and they don’t know the reason behind it.

Google is very strict about its policy about its products and services. If your Adsense account gets banned, then you must did something wrong with your Adsense account.

Please check the below things if your Adsense accounts disabled or banned.

  • Have you broken the Adsense policy?
  • How many ads have you placed on a single page?
  • Have you altered the Adsense code?
  • Have you clicks on your ads?
  • Have you sent script code via mail?
  • Have you created the program to click on your ads?

If you want to secure your Adsense account then, you should know the Google Adsense policy. I recommend you to read the Google Adsense policy before applying Adsense. If you want to implement something different from your Adsense account, then make sure that you are not breaking Adsense policy.

Here I am discussing the activities which may harm your Adsense account. Also, it will helpful for you to secure your Adsense account from getting disabled.

Don’t click on own ads

Google continuously monitors your Adsense clicks to avoid any invalid/fraud clicks. Google has maintained the automated system as well as individual reviews to track clicks.

All newbie bloggers think that they will earn more money by clicking on their ads or telling friends to clicks on their ads. If they click on their ads then definitely Adsense will disable your account.

Why bloggers do such illegal things? Simple, they haven’t read the Google Adsense policy.

Before applying to Adsense, it’s crucial to know this policy. It’s is very easy for Google to identify invalid clicks, so be aware that you are not clicking on your ads.

PRO TIP: Going forward, make sure that you are not clicking on your ads or not forcing anyone to click on it.

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Don’t ask anyone to click on ads

Have you seen a Facebook group like Clicks for Clicks, Adsense clicks, etc?

People have created such groups to get more clicks from users. Whoever wants more click can join the group and ask for a favor.

This is a similar policy which I discussed above, some people ask their friends to click on their ads, but it’s not as simple as you think. It’s strictly prohibited by Google to encourage other people to click ads on your site.

According to Google, people will click on your ads if they are interested in ads not for growing your AdSense balance.

Ads Placement

Sometimes what publishers do, they implement a program that will automatically increase the clicks for your Adsense if this found Google would immediately ban your account.

Second thing, Make sure that you have placed your ads correctly. Bloggers place advertisements near the clicking area so that by mistaken ads will get clicks by the reader because of this Google has made a rule that keeps the distance between the flash player and ads 150 pixels mostly on gaming sites this will appear.

Content Restriction

Google will not display ads if the content of the page will break the policy. Its publisher’s responsibility to check every content that is published on the site. Google strictly prohibited the adult content if these found AdSense ads won’t be displayed there.

Don’t copy content from others site, makes sure that you are following all these rules. Try to focus on relevant content.

Adsense code policy

Once you have generated the Adsense code for placing on your site publishers should not alter it, sometimes they implement a program like pop up, design, etc. by changing the code to get more clicks, but this is against Google Adsense policy.

Number of ads per page

If you think placing more ads on the single page will give you maximum clicks then you are wrong, Google has the restriction for placing maximum ads on the individual page. I have written one article on how many AdSense ads you can place on a single page to avoid Adsense ban.

Ads Manipulation

Sometimes publisher uses these tricks to get more clicks they insert their Adsense code in the email and send it to many peoples. Another method they use that they embed their code in images so that if readers click images automatically there, Adsense balance will grow.

Closing Thoughts

That’s it, above are some critical policies provided by Google Adsense team which you must follow to avoid the Adsense ban. I hope you all are following.

Keep it in mind that once your account gets banned it will disable your domain from publishing Adsense ads, it means in future you won’t post any AdSense ads on that domain name, once banned its final Google won’t recover your AdSense account. If you think you will make Google fool then stop that thinking, it’s your loss.

The last word from my side if you have some policy points then do let us know, I have sorted out some points which I am aware of. Help others to avoid Adsense ban, do share your thoughts on this.

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