Interview With Jitendra Vaswani From BloggersIdeas

Interview With Jitendra Vaswani

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UPDATE- I have started a new series of bloggers’ interviews on ScrollBucks in which I will ask a few questions to popular bloggers and get some blogging knowledge from them.

Today, we have Jitendra Vaswani, Digital Marketing Trainer and SEO Consultant in India. He has been blogging since 2013, and here he will share his blogging journey with us.

I heard about Jitendra in 2015 when I was jobless and searching for online money-making tips from blogging. I got his blog Bloggersideas in search results. He is a very hardworking guy who believes in dreams, and I love the way he works.

He has worked with many top brands like Zopper to grow their business. Also, he has published his first book, Inside A hustler’s Brain.

You can visit his blog BloggersIdeas to get blogging knowledge. Now, let’s start with the interview session.

Amit- Thank you, Jitendra, for taking time from your busy schedule. Would you please tell us about yourself and your education? Also, tell us how you get into blogging?

Jitendra: I am Jitendra Vaswani, founder of internet marketing blog: Bloggersideas, and I started blogging in 2013 when nobody believes in my dreams. My life changed because I decided to devote my life to blogging & today, I am living a laptop lifestyle traveling the world, and now my goal is to build my product for the affiliate marketing industry.

I have my book “Inside A hustler’s Brain“. Through my first book “Inside A Hustler’s Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom, I want to help people to take action in their life and bring change in people’s mindsets. To be an entrepreneur, mindset is everything—so many people lack a mindset and are confused with their lives.

Amit: You came so far in the blogging and marketing industry. Did you face any challenges as a newbie blogger when you started blogging, and what was your first online income?

Jitendra: I faced many challenges when I started blogging because my life was hard because I had a small job in 2013, and my family didn’t support me in blogging. They think I was a loser and I was so depressed I become a loner & learned to live alone. So I was working very hard on blogging for 5 hours every day after coming from my job.

So it would be best if you learned to live alone because entrepreneurship is lonely and depressing. But, unfortunately, this is a truth very few people share online.

My first blogging income was $50 from a sponsored and then I got $600 from another sponsored post. That was a big deal, man.

AmitHow many blogs are you running, and what is the primary income source?

Jitendra: I am running ten blogs for now, which are different verticals like health, dating, travel, Forex, Bitcoin & MMO.

These blogs require a tremendous amount of work, and you need to put a lot of content as SEO requires content, and Google loves to blog with fresh content. 

My primary sources of income:

My digital marketing agency:, for now.

I also do speaking, training & workshops across the globe, and I do make good money with this extra source of income. I believe if you provide value to people, you can charge for your knowledge. I charge for my experience and mistakes I made in my business so that people can avoid these mistakes.

AmitEveryone knows that you are a successful blogger, marketer. How does it feel to become a successful person?

Jitendra: I feel good, and I always try to deliver my best knowledge to impact people’s lives and my main goal is to encourage people to take action in their life.

AmitTell us about your favorite bloggers and inspirational person.


  • Neil Patel
  • Rand Fishkin
  • Jeff Bullas
  • Grant Cardone
  • Gary Vee

These guys have changed my life, and I consume their content every day to stay updated in my business. However, you need to consume the right content in your business to be successful.

AmitHow big is your team?

Jitendra: I have a team of 20 people, and they work on different roles like-

  • SEO
  • Content writing
  • Video Editing
  • Podcast managing
  • Link building
  • Outreach

So everyone has their own set of things, and I lead my team in a strong position as a leader. Because managing 20 people is not easy at all. So it would be best if you gave positive energy to your team every day, sometimes their morale goes down, and I need to push them a lot here to get the best out of my team.

AmitHave you faced any failure in blogging? If YES, what is it?

Jitendra: Yes, many failures, who don’t face failures in their business, many businesses failed many times, and we learned from mistakes, I made a mistake buying wrong hosting for my blog, it cost me a lot of $$$$$, and I lost my business.

I had failures in choosing the wrong business partners who cheated me, and I lost so much money. But I learned one thing here, don’t stick to your failures. Instead, learn from them, and move on in your life.

Don’t try to hate people. Instead, give love & be more kind to your team. That’s my motto for success.

AmitWhat are the top 3 websites you visit daily?

Jitendra: I visit many websites every day, 


I check these websites for daily updates on business updates.

Amit: is blogging dead? What’s your thought?

Jitendra: Not it’s not dead, it will be there forever. You need to upgrade your skills every day and apply your knowledge to your business every day. Take blogging as a business.

Many people take blogging casually, and they never think about monetization. However, through blogging, you can make tons of money, and you need to master one skill and make money with it.

With blogging, you can include videos in your text-based content & many people have now realized videos are a better way to engage your audience. Video content into blogging will make you more money and make your users happy.

Amit: What advice would you like to give to a newbie blogger who wants to make a career in blogging?

Jitendra: Start your blog and start working on it. Instead of looking for shortcuts in blogging, there is no shortcut in blogging. Many people look for shortcuts in blogging which is not possible. It would help if you kept working. There is nothing like easy money on the internet. It’s all hard work and patience game.

Amit: Thank you, Jitendra, for sharing your journey and knowledge with us. This will be helpful for newbie bloggers.

Take Away

Nothing is impossible in this world. If you have a passion for doing something, then go for it, do it with dedication. People around you will start demotivating you if you start doing something new. Instead, you should focus on your goals and work for them.

Blogging is not dead, and we can still start a blog and make money from it. However, there is no shortcut in blogging, and you have to work hard to make your blog successful. Don’t copy others. Write your fresh content.

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