Is Blogging Dead? My Thoughts On Blogging Future

Do you want to start a blog? Are you confused about other bloggers’ suggestions? is blogging dead?

You might hear some internet users saying that blogging is dead but is this correct?

In this article, I will share my thoughts about the blogging future. Also, why people are thinking that blogging is dead.

Blogging in the early 2000

Google launched its Blogger product in 1999 with limited features. As technology was limited, very few people were aware of blogging. They were creating blogs on blogger because it was a free blogging platform. In 2003, WordPress has announced its own blogging platform. At that time blogging industry started growing.

There were very few bloggers present from 2000 to 2005, also there was no competition in Google ranking. We can say that the Google algorithm was not strong enough like today. We can say that SEO was easy. Whatever you write your content will be displayed on the first Google search page.

The popular blog Labnol was started around 2003. I am a daily reader of this blog. The founder of this blog is Amit Agarwal, he has written one article and in that article, he has mentioned that the advantage of starting in early 2000 is that whatever he was writing Google was displaying it on the first page due to low competition and he was getting a lot of traffic.

He has written many articles and increased the authority of his blog. If you check some of the articles of this blog, you will see very short articles, sometimes 3-4 lines articles still this blog is coming at first place because of blog authority which was increased in early 2000.

If you are writing 3-4 lines of articles, will this work in 2022?

My answer would be NO. In 2022, things are changed, there is a lot of competition in blogging. You will have to work hard on your blog. You have to work on the SEO factor which was very easy in early 2000. You will get many articles saying that the blog post length should be this and that then why this popular blogger don’t follow it?

Google is changing its algorithm every three months so it’s very difficult to write a blog post that is SEO friendly. There are more than 200 factors you need to consider while writing a blog post.

Blogging From 2010 to 2015

The blogging industry was evolving due to the popularity of WordPress. Also, there are many companies that were offering affiliate program commissions. So, bloggers were starting blogs for earning money and they were getting success.

WordPress is a very popular blogging platform. Almost, 36% of websites on this internet were created using the WordPress platform.

At this point, blogging was easy with medium competition. It was easy to create a blog and easy to monetize. Google Adsense was not difficult to get approved.

Even when I started this blog in 2014, the competition was less and the blogger who worked hard on their blog got a high ranking and authority which is important for SEO.

Blogging In 2022

If you are waiting for my answer about is blogging dead? You will understand it in this section.

I would say NO, but it is evolving. The way bloggers blog in the early 2000 is totally changed. People would like multimedia content but it does not mean that blogging is dead.

The users are expecting photos and videos inside your blog posts because of this people are thinking that videos are more powerful than content. At some point they are correct but again this is not the end of blogging.

The readers are expecting videos for tutorials, suppose you are writing one tutorial then try to create a video and place a Youtube link inside the blog post. It’s a very quick method to learn something.

If someone wants to check the tutorial on the internet they will first prefer video tutorials but if they want to check the review then definitely they will search for website, blog, etc.

There are many new things that came to blogging like email marketing, social media, advertisements, reviews, etc. Those who don’t get organic traffic are trying to get social media traffic.

Social media did not exist in early 2000, at that time when somebody liked one blog they need to subscribe to the feeds. Feeds are dead now, if someone wants to read something they can directly read. using smartphones. We can not say what change will happen in blogging in the upcoming days.

Think like a creator, if you want to present something to the world, then represent it in such a way that the reader will definitely love to read your articles or videos. Don’t try to deceive readers, because they are very smart enough to understand.

Final Word

I would say that blogging is not dead but the way we do blogging is totally changed. Blogging is evolving, we can not just write a blog post, if possible we can create a video and upload it.

In 2022, it is quite difficult to get organic traffic as Google is changing its algorithm every three months. There are many factors available on which Google ranking depends so we can not rely on organic traffic. We can do social media marketing, and email marketing to get the other traffic.

Friends, If you like this tutorial then share it with your friends who want to start a blog and make a career in blogging.

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