Kartra Affiliate Program Review For Affiliate Marketers

Kartra is one of the most prominent marketing software on the net.

It provides its users with world-class service as an all-in-one marketing solution. The Kartra Affiliate Program is a platform provided by Kartra to enable its users to earn passive income by promoting the software.

The Kartra Affiliate Program comes with juicy benefits, one of which is a recurring commission, meaning you can earn for life.

While you earn a 40% recurring commission for each sale, you can also get an extra 10% recurring commission on the JV recruitment program.

Coupled with the fact that Kartra is already a popular name, you might not find it difficult to thrive as a Katra Affiliate Partner. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Kartra Affiliate Program so that you can benefit maximally from it.


Kartra Overview 

Kartra is an all-in-one software that comes with great features, designed to help both small and large businesses with their marketing function.

The unique thing is, it uses a single account to provide these features, so you don’t need different accounts for different functions.

Some of the impressive features of Kartra include;

  • Form builders,
  • Ecommerce Shopping carts,
  • Sales funnel,
  • Helpdesk ticketing systems,
  • Analytics platform,
  • Membership sites builders,
  • Website builder software,
  • Email Marketing Automation,
  • Advanced Video Hosting system, etc.

So, the Kartra affiliate program is designed to help you generate an extra income while you still enjoy all these benefits. All you need to do is just recommend the platform to people and bring them on board.

How Does The Kartra Affiliate Program Work

The Kartra affiliate is a partnership program that allows Kartra software users to earn by promoting their software.

Just like every other affiliate marketing platform, when sales are made through your link, you earn a commission.

This section contains a step-by-step exposition on how the Kartra Affiliate works, from signing up to earning commissions.

Getting Started With Kartra Affiliate Program

One of the great features of the Kartra affiliate program is that while it is free to join, its process is not rigorous. To become a Kartra affiliate, you just need to visit home.kartra.com/partners and start your application process.

Click on the Affiliate Sign Up. It will lead you to the Terms and Conditions of the program, read to understand, then click on “I accept”. The next thing that pops up on your screen is to sign up or log in, click on sign up.

A sign-up form will appear, fill out the form and then create your free account.

When you’ve done this, a questionnaire appears inquiring about how you intend to promote Kartra: using YouTube channel, paid ads, on your Website, or any other means. Fill out and complete the form, then wait to be approved.

Earning With Kartra Affiliate Program

After you’ve signed up as an affiliate, you go to your screen and click on ” My Affiliate Promos”.

You will be directed to a screen with four options; Analytics, Promotions, Marketplace, and Payments.

Click on the marketplace option to find a list of products from which you can choose your niche on ones you want to promote.

Do well to browse different products, compare their conversion rates, the possible commissions, and earnings.

The promotions option shows the products that you chose to promote, your sales, and the commissions from the sales.

Analytics is an option that enables you to monitor your sales and get information concerning your buyers.

Lastly, you have the payment option that allows you to set up your payment method. The payment option also enables you to follow up your payments through the monthly reports.

When you join the Kartra affiliate program, Kartra gives a unique link for the product that you are promoting. This link will direct your buyers to the product so that when they make a purchase, you’ll get a commission.

The unique thing about the Karta link is that it uses cookies for 30 days.

Consequently, even if a user didn’t purchase, but returns later (within 30 days) to purchase through another link, you will get the commission from the sale.

The Kartra affiliate program pays the affiliates a 40% recurring commission for every user that they bring into the Kartra business platform.

So as a Kartra affiliate, when you refer a user to the platform, you earn a 40% recurring commission.

This means that as long as the user continues to use his subscription, you earn. The commissions are paid either monthly or yearly, hinging on the subscription and payment plan of the user.

These commissions automatically increase when your users upgrade their subscription to a higher plan or renew their account. 

Another way you can earn commissions with the Kartra affiliate program is through the JV recruitment program. The program, otherwise known as the 2nd tier, allows you to earn an extra 10% recurring commission for income that your affiliates generate.

That means, with the Kartra affiliate program, you can earn for life.

However, there is a 14-day trial which goes for $1 for every new subscription. If a user joins the trial account through your unique link, then you can only earn when he (she) upgrades their account to a paid plan.

There’s also a 30-day trial, during which the user can request a refund. You can’t also earn commissions during this period. 

It will also interest you to know that any discounts given to your referred users for buying annual packages are credited to you.

More so, you can take advantage of the Kartra marketplace, where you can earn from other affiliates in the marketplace. The Kartra marketplace is only open to paid users, not excluding those in the 14-day trial.

How Much Can You Make With Kartra Affiliate Marketing

As a Kartra affiliate partner, you earn a 40% recurring commission for all four plans. JV Brokers earn a 10% commission.

Not to forget, the commission is recurring. That is to say, your earning lasts as long as your referred users keep paying their plans.

Affiliate Commission (40%)

Kartra Starter

  • ($99 monthly) commission: $39.60 per month.
  • ($948 annually) Annual plan commission: $379.2.

The subscription cost for the Starter package is $99/month and $948/year. If your referred user subscribes monthly to this package, you will earn $39.60 monthly recurring commission and $379.2 for the yearly subscription.

Silver Plan

  • ($199 monthly) commission: $79.60 per month.
  • ($1,788 annually) Annual plan commission: $715.20.

The subscription cost for the Silver package is $199/month and $1,788/year. If your referred user subscribes monthly to this package, you will earn $79.60 monthly recurring commission and $715.20 for the yearly subscription.

Gold Plan

  • ($299 monthly) commission: $119.60 per month.
  • ($2,748 annually) Annual plan commission: $1,099.20.

The subscription cost for the Gold package is $299/month and $2,748/year. If your referred user subscribes monthly to this package, you will earn $119.60 monthly recurring commission and $1,099.20 for the yearly subscription.

Platinum Plan

  • ($499 monthly) commission: $199.60 per month.
  • ($4,548 annually) Annual plan commission: $1,819.20.

The subscription cost for the Platinum package is $499/month and $4,548/year. If your referred user subscribes monthly to this package, you will earn $199.60 monthly recurring commission and $1,819.20 for the yearly subscription.

JV Commission (10%)

JV commission allows you to earn commissions from affiliates you referred to the platform. This is how it works:

  • Selling a Starter Plan earns you a $9.90 commission per month and $94.80 per year.
  • A Silver Plan earns you $19.90 per month and $178.80 per year.
  • A Gold Plan earns you $29.90 per month and $274.80 per year.
  • A Platinum Plan earns you $49.90 per month and $454.80 per year.

Note that every yearly subscription attracts a 25% discount for all the Kartra plans.

Kartra Affiliate Program Review: Extra Promotional Features

Aside from the outstanding percentage you earn on sales, the Kartra affiliate also provides you with lots of promotional materials to boost your earning potential. They include:

  • Unique social media attention-grabbing headlines.
  • High-converting email campaigns to promote your affiliate link.
  • List Builder templates (emails).
  • The book funnel templates (emails).
  • Display banner creatives and features on your pages, ads, or social media.

Additional Ways To Promote Kartra As An Affiliate

The extra promotional features provided by the Kartra affiliate are not all there is to increase your earning potential as an affiliate. If you possess some digital skills or have a strong online presence, it is an added advantage. 

You can promote Katra as an all-in-one platform to businesses and marketers who might need a solution for better efficiency. You can consider these options:

#1. Sell Kartra Directly Using Different Online Channels

The key to success with this option is “traffic”. Traffic is the pulse of marketing and selling online.

The first step to take is to choose your traffic source; blog, social media platforms, etc, then create valuable content using that traffic source. The content should contain things like, likely challenges facing businesses, how Kartra can tackle the challenges, any special offer, your affiliate link, etc 

Now, let’s look at some traffic sources you can use to provide value and in return get people to sign up using your Kartra affiliate link.


If you are into blogging, you are already a stone’s throw from success in affiliate marketing. If you are not, well, you can also learn. Bluehost or Wix can help you get started.

Blogging is one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your products. You can use blogging to make your product rank high in search engines and this can be of great impact in creating awareness.

However, it requires a bit of real work upfront. Also, blogging takes time, you might have to wait for some time – say months – before your efforts begin to yield returns. Though in the long run, it pays more, because you’re building a huge asset online that will keep generating traffic, sales, and commissions in the future.

Promoting via YouTube.

YouTube has become one of the most prolific digital platforms for businesses to market their products. Its high rate of visits makes it a vital tool for every marketer (affiliates) to leverage for success.

You can provide helpful tutorials,   comparison videos, demos, etc to promote your product. You know what it can mean to your business when you have your own space on the world’s second-largest search engine. You’ll be able to reach a wide range of audiences and skyrocket your chances of more conversions.

Promoting via Facebook Groups.

Facebook organic marketing is another promoting platform you can use. You don’t need to create a Facebook group, just leverage on available ones.

All you have to do is to make your Facebook profile more efficient for conversions by setting up your profile funnel. Use a good headshot, an appealing banner, and a featured photo with a clear call-to-action, attach your affiliate link or lead page that promotes Kartra on the back-end.

Locate moderated Facebook groups populated with those who might need Kartra as a solution, then post valuable content, interact with the group members. The idea is to acquaint yourself with the people, building a relationship.

With time people will get to know you, check your profile, and that is the starting point. When people click the funnel link on your bio, they will automatically land on your lead capture page or Kartra affiliate link.

A myriad of people are going to start messaging you for help, then you can offer Kartra as a solution.

#2. Use Email List To Promote Katra

The best strategy to promote any affiliate program is by using email. You can market your product to the people on your email list. 

Once you can get them to sign up as your affiliates, Kartra handles the part of sending them messages; customizing how, when and what you want to send.

#3.Provide Funnel Building Services

This is a great way to promote Kartra as an affiliate because almost every business needs sales to funnel in a way or two. If you can build a funnel on Kartra, and sell it to business owners who need them or share the campaign with them, that will be a great step.

The drawback of this strategy might be getting clients to sell your services to. To tackle this challenge you can reach out to businesses offline, get into Facebook groups, use your social profile, and a few other methods in acquiring clients.

However, it is advisable to niche down, target a specific industry so that you won’t have difficulties getting an audience (clients). It will also help you have a forestanding, that is, you become a marketing king in that sector in the space you are using.

For instance, you can be a Kartra sales funnel expert for insurance, finance, real estate, etc.

Products You Can Promote Using Kartra Affiliate Program 

Here is a list of Kartra products you can promote as an affiliate:

  • Kartra affiliate management platform.
  • Kartra helpdesk.
  • Kartra course builder or membership platform.
  • Kartra landing page builder.
  • Kartra email marketing and automation services.

In addition, for those who are in the webinar niche, you can also promote their sister products such as Webinarjam and Everwebinar.

How Do You Withdraw Funds?

Kartra provides standard payment options for its affiliate program. The condition is that you have a minimum of $100 in your account to withdraw funds. Though that might not be much of a problem since their commissions are really huge. 

When you meet the requirement and decide to withdraw your funds, you can use Kartra’s Check option for a mailed delivery. You can also use PayPal or WireTransfer.

Pros And Cons of Kartra Affiliate Program

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Kartra affiliate program.


The benefits of being a Kartra affiliate partner are:

  • A generous commission structure; a 40% recurring commission.
  • The JV recruitment commission; a 10% recurring commission.
  • Amazing and quality product. A good product gives the seller an edge because it somewhat sells itself.
  • Loads of promotional materials are provided for the affiliates, easing their work.
  • Affiliate Program terms are typically relative to other affiliate marketing programs.
  • Straightforward joining process.
  • You can earn up to $1,819.20 as an affiliate.


Whatever has upsides is most likely to have downsides. For the Kartra affiliate program, they are:

  • All these good sides do not translate to automatic success for you as an affiliate. Just like every other affiliate program, you will have to put in time, consistency, and diligence to make money with this affiliate program. You will also need patience because it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • The cookie tracking period of 30 days is rather short. Some other affiliate programs offer 60 to 90 days of tracking time.
  • The promotional banners and other visuals look extremely outdated and make the sales text quite pushy.
  • The wait time for payment of commission into your account is relatively long, compared to other affiliate programs.


Kartra Affiliate Program is an outstanding means of generating passive income with affiliate marketing. The charitable commission structure, the promotional materials, the quality of products,  are very essential factors for success in affiliate marketing. They can all add up to give you a pleasant marketing experience.

Though not without some shortcomings, the advantages clearly outweigh them. So you can build on the strengths to make the best of the Kartra Affiliate program.

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