Lastpass vs Bitwarden: Which is the Best Password Manager in 2022?

Have you forgotten your password and got frustrated while remembering it? What is the solution to remembering all your passwords?

If you remember only one password instead of all your passwords, isn’t it a good idea? That’s where the password manager came into the picture.

A password manager is a tool that stores all your online account passwords, and it helps you automatically log in to your accounts. Mostly all popular password manager has browser extensions.

I have used Lastpass free for five years because it fulfills all my requirements, but now Lastpass has changed its policy, and so does my mind.

In this article, I will explain all features of Lastpass and Bitwarden and tell you why I switched from Lastpass free to Bitwarden premium.


The Lastpass is free, but if you want more features, you can upgrade your account to premium.

Lastpass has two groups for pricing one is for single users and families and offers for businesses.

First, we will discuss the single users’ and families’ plans.

  • Free– This is is free Lastpass plan, you can enjoy using Lastpass for free, and if you like it, you can upgrade it to the premium version.
  • Premium– The premium plan starts from $3/month (Features will be displayed in the screenshot)
  • Families– This plan starts from $4/month. Six users from families can use Lastpass.

NOTE- The Lastpass has changed its policy from 16 March 2021 that the free version supports only one type of device Mobile, Tablet, or Laptop. It means you will get an option to choose which you would like to continue for the free plan, and it will work on that device type only.

The next group of plans is for businesses. Lastpass offers four different plans for businesses viz MFA, Teams, Enterprise, and Identity.

The Bitwarden pricing is less than Lastpass. Also, you will get the same features in Bitwarden. In addition, it offers two groups of plans, Personal and Business.

  • Free– Bitwarden is free. You can use it and take advantage of its free features.
  • Premium– This plan is for $1/month. You will get some extra features in this.
  • Family– This plan starts from $3.33/month for six users.

NOTE- You can use the Bitwarden free on any device, unlike Lastpass. This is the reason why people are moving to Bitwarden free.

The second group of the plan is for Business. Bitwarden offers three plans Free, Teams, and Enterprise.

  • Free– You can use BItwarden for free.
  • Teams– The plan starts from $3/month.
  • Enterprise– Plan starts from $5/month.

Conclusion- Lastpass is very popular, but people are searching for other options after changing its policy on 16th March 2021. Bitwarden is another alternative for Lastpass. Also, you can use the Bitwarden premium for $1/month.

Extension And Application

For any password manager, the browser extension is required to log in to online accounts automatically.

The Lastpass and Bitwarden both have extensions for popular browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, etc. If you are using any one of them, then you can download the browser extension.

Both the password manager has a mobile application for Android and IOS. You can download the application from the play store.

Conclusion- In terms of a browser extension and mobile application, both password managers are the same.

2FA And Multi-Device Synchronization

Two Factor Authenticator is very important for the password manager. If you want to keep all your passwords secure, then you must enable the 2FA for it.

Lastpass supports the below 2FA apps for the free version.

  • LastPass Authenticator– Sends push notifications or one-time verification codes to your phone.
  • Google Authenticator– Generates one-time verification codes on your phone. It can also be used with Okta Verify.
  • Microsoft Authenticator– Generates one-time verification codes on your phone.
  • Toopher– Sends push notifications to your phone to verify the login.
  • Duo Security– Sends push notifications or one-time verification codes to your phone.
  • Grid– A printable spreadsheet of numbers and letters used to enter different values when logging in.

For Lastpass premium, you would have two options

  • YubiKey– a USB device that generates one-time verification codes.
  • Fingerprint / Smart Card– Support for fingerprint sensors and card readers.
  • Salesforce Authenticator (for enterprise)- Sends push notifications to your phone to verify the login.

The Lastpass free is synchronized with only one device type due to the new policy, which means you can use Lastpass free on one device type. The premium version of Lastpass is in sync between all the devices.

The Bitwarden supports the below 2FA applications

  • YubiKey
  • U2F
  • Duo

Conclusion – As you can see, Bitwarden offers fewer 2FA authentication options than Lastpass, but anyone 2FA is sufficient.

Other Features

Lastpass and Bitwarden have some features in common like

  • Password Generator– You can generate a strong password using the inbuilt tool.
  • Encrypted storage– You will get encrypted storage for passwords, notes, and other stuff.
  • Unlimited passwords – You can store unlimited passwords.
  • Auto Fill Passwords– If you have installed the extensions, then you can auto-fill passwords.
  • Important reports (exposed, reused, weak, inactive passwords)- You will get different types of reports to make your password strong.
  • Data Breach Report– You can find out the data breach for your passwords.
  • Password Sharing– You can give access to your vault or specific password in an emergency case.

(This section of this article, I will update as I came to know about other features)

Final Words

The Lastpass is an excellent password manager, but due to its new policy for allowing free users to choose one device type, people are finding another free alternatives.

The Bitwarden is a trusted password manager you can go for. Also, the Bitwarden premium is very cheap, starting from $1 per month. You can try premium to get the advantage of premium features.

I have migrated from Lastpass free to Bitwarden premium due to the new Lastpass policy.

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