Maximum number of Adsense ads allowed per page

Google Adsense is the modern monetization techniques by using which you can place ads on your blog. Once the readers click on ads, then you will get paid accordingly.

As a beginner bloggers think that if we place more ads, then we will get more clicks and hence money.

Google Adsense is very strict about the policy. Most of the Adsense users don’t know how many ads we can place on a single page. Google Adsense has a standard policy about the number of ads on the individual page. In this article, I am going to tell you about how many ads you can put on a single page.

You can create three types of Adsense ads unit

  1. Adsense for content
  2. Adsense Link Units
  3. Adsense for search

Adsense for Content

Adsense allowed a maximum of three ads units of these types. If you see my blog, you know that I have placed three ads units for content.

Adsense links unit

The performance of these ads is excellent compared to the content unit. You will get high CPC rate for link unit. Mostly all users prefer to place this ads unit below the navigation menu of the website. Same as the content unit, you can put three link ads unit per page.

Adsense for Search

These custom search boxes allow you to search the content on your website. Google Adsense allows two search box per page.

You can allow the maximum of eight ads per page, and it doesn’t mean that you have to compulsory put all eight ads on each page. It depends on you. Sometimes 2-3 ads are sufficient to earn more money.

If you add more than this, you will get the penalty for breaking Adsense policy. You can check it from Adsense dashboard also that is you are violating Adsense policy.

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