[Updated] Maximum Number Of AdSense Ads Allowed Per Page

Google AdSense is the popular CPC monetization technique by using which you can place ads on your blog. Once the readers click on ads, then you will get paid accordingly.

If you are a beginner at AdSense, you can read my complete guide on Google AdSense.

Old Policy

Many newbie AdSense users think about the Ads limit per page. Google had a policy about the maximum number of Ads per page. We had allowed putting a maximum of 8 ads unit per page.

  • Up to three AdSense for content units
  • Up to three link units
  • Up to two search boxes

Now, Google has changed its ads placement policy.

New Policy

In August 2016, Google lifted the Ads limit restriction per page. So, you can place multiple Ads on a single page.

Ads and other promotional material on a single page should not exceed the content.

If there is no restriction, it doesn’t mean that you should flood your page with AdSense Ads. Instead, we should take care of the reader’s user experience.

You can create three types of AdSense Ads unit

  1. AdSense For Content
  2. AdSense Link Units
  3. AdSense For Search

AdSense For Content

AdSense had a limit on the maximum number of 3 ads units. For premium publishers, it was six ads unit.

By the new AdSense policy, there is no limit on the Ads.

AdSense Links Unit

This is the best-performing Ad unit for my other blog.

There is no limit for the link unit. You can place as many link units as you want. However, you should not trouble the reader with multiple ads.

AdSense For Search

Google AdSense allows creating a custom search box for the website. Using which you can place the search box on your site and whenever readers search for something, Google Ads will be displayed along with the site search results.

How many AdSense Ads can we place?

As I said, Google has lifted the restriction on maximum ads, but still, you should not place ads more than the content.

You can read the complete ads placement Google Policy here.

Here are the few things you should remember while placing AdSense Ads.

  • Don’t place too many Ads on a single page.
  • For a great user experience, 3 to 5 Ads per page is suitable.
  • Consider the short articles while placing ads. Ads and other promotional material should not exceed the content.
  • Links Ads perform better.
  • 338*280 dimensions Ads will give you better results.

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