MonsterInsights: Most Powerful Google Analytics Plugin For WooCommerce

In my recent post, I have written about the Google Analytics installation guide using MonsterInsights WordPress plugin.

Here, we will see more features of the MonsterInsights plugin and how it is useful to track the performance of eCommerce websites.

By using the e-commerce addon, we can add the Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking to your WordPress WooCommerce. Here are a few things which you can do with the MonsterInsights eCommerce addon.

It is straightforward to integrate Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking with your WordPress stores. To do so, navigate to Insights-> Reports ->eCommerce

If you don’t have a premium plan then get it- MonsterInsights Premium

In the eCommerce report, you will get all the eCommerce data right from your WordPress dashboard. There is no other setting required.

You can track the number of transactions, Revenue, Average order value, and all sales details. This is a very handy plugin for eCommerce sites.

You can also check the traffic report, where the traffic is coming from, where you are getting more sales/no sales, exact conversions, top referral, etc. By using these analytics you can easily understand which referral sources needs to maximize and which are not working at all.

Overall, you can track all the sales reports for the eCommerce site and improve the sales accordingly. You will get an even more detailed report in Google Analytics.

If you already using MonsterInsight then do let us know your experience if not get started with MonsterInsights.

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