Most Profitable Copywriting Niches For Aspiring Freelancers

Copywriting is one of the highest-paying writing jobs at the moment. Because it cuts across almost every kind of content on the internet, there are so many aspects of copywriting you can make money from.

So, it’s understandable if you’re confused about the particular copywriting niches that will be most profitable for you.

Some copywriters might prefer to be generic so that they will be able to pick up any copywriting job available. While this approach is not bad in itself, the reverse side is that you might never become very proficient in any of the fields. And trust me, most clients prefer writers who are experts in their area.

All copywriting niches are seemingly lucrative, but some niches still seem to have more prospects than others.

Here, we will help you identify those niches and show you how you can maximize them.


Why Should You Choose a  Copywriting Niche?

Focusing on a particular niche as a copywriter provides you with several benefits in different ways. Some of the major advantages include:

Easier To Learn and Develop

Many people who start learning copywriting never get to finish or get grounded anywhere.

More often than not, it’s because they are probably trying to master everything all at once, and it becomes hard to concentrate.

Although copywriting has some fundamental general rules and conventions, different copywriting niches may still have their peculiarities. If you narrow your niche to one particular field, it is easier to learn that niche and become a confident expert in that aspect.

Become a Specialist

It is only normal that you grow to become skillful in whatever you consistently give attention to over time. The same applies to copywriting; if you choose one niche and focus on it, it will only take time before you become a master in it.

But if you continue to jump from one niche to another or try to do many at the same time, you may not focus on any of them enough to master it.

Knowing a bit of everything can only be an advantage when there’s a particular one you know fully well. Anything apart from that can make you a jack of all trades and master of none.

When you become an expert in a particular copywriting niche, your worth and market value automatically increases. Clients who come for your services already know that your deliveries are top-notch. Hence, they’re willing to pay big prices because they feel they can trust an expert for a classy delivery.

Easier To Gain Visibility and Recognition

It takes less time, stress, and resources to penetrate a market and become a household name when you already have expert knowledge in that field. 

By making you an expert, specialization puts you in a position where people can easily trust you because of your proven track record over time. The more knowledge you have, the better the copies you deliver, and the better your reputation becomes.

7 Most Profitable Copywriting Niches

#1. Technical  Writing

This is top of our list because it is one of the niches with the widest coverage. Technical writing in this context basically involves the documentation of procedures and processes. It includes official guides on how to use a device or how to achieve a particular process using a particular software.

Virtually every business or company – whether online or physical – needs some technical copies. It could be user manuals for operating a machine, or a step-by-step guide to performing a particular task, or documentation of software.

Technical writing also cuts across official documents such as social media policies, terms and conditions, executive summaries, briefs, etc. So, If you choose this niche as a copywriter, your opportunities are endless as tons of businesses are developing every day, especially on the internet. 

However, writing this type of copy requires that you have some strong abilities such as the ability to learn about sophisticated software on the fly. You also need to be an ardent researcher, an excellent communicator, and probably with an eye for good design.

#2. SEO Writing

We’re in a time when almost everything runs on the web. There are thousands of websites and blogs online, creating different kinds of products and services. Most of these online businesses and platforms need copywriters who can create copies that are optimized for SEO.

SEO copies help websites rank high on search engine result pages such as Google. This makes them more visible to potential clients and increases their chances of generating more traffic. The endpoint of SEO is to optimize web content to be able to convert visitors into actual customers.

If you can write or learn how to write highly engaging copies, the SEO copywriting niche can keep you smiling to the bank regularly.

#3. Digital Marketing

The internet is filled with thousands of online content seeking to market one product or service, or the other. From company websites, to blogs, to video blogs, to social media, there’s hardly an online platform where people do not engage in digital marketing.

Most of these platforms in one way or the other need copywriters who can write engaging copies with high conversion rates. Like SEO, the goal of digital marketing is to make a product visible to the right people at the right time and get them to take the actions you desire.

There’s no limit to what you can earn as a copywriter in the digital marketing space. There are various contents such as product descriptions, call to actions, value propositions, etc that you can commit to. It’s a competitive niche, but a high level of expertise can make you stand out.

#4. Banking and Finance

Most financial transactions and operations are shifting into the online world and getting more exposed to different kinds of people. Banks and financial institutions are rolling out new services, strategies, and offers to reach out to various target audiences.

For instance, you would probably need to physically go to a bank in times past and be subjected to some rigor to process a loan. But these days, you can get all that and even more with a few simple clicks and in a matter of minutes.

All these new services and offers create a demand for copywriters who can create copies to either market them or facilitate the processes. Critical content such as customer agreement, official statements, and such documents are copywriters’ opportunities to shine.

You can copywriter other types of content such as investment overviews and plans, customer service manuals, etc.

#5. The Tech Industry

From mobile and web applications to artificial intelligence, the software industry has been on a steady high. Many software companies develop apps and solutions they market across different sectors.

There’s hardly any day that passes now without buzzes of new tech; it’s either the new Uber here, another e-Learning software there, or a smart boy doing this or that. Most of these solutions, especially the entirely new ones, need intensive marketing, and they’ll definitely need a copywriter like you for the copies.

Some of these inventions are multimillion-dollar projects, so they invest huge amounts of money in their marketing. If you have what it takes in copywriting in the tech niche, a good part of that budget can be directed to your bank account.

#6. Legal Writing

Most large-scale legal companies pocket in between six to seven figures from each client. So, they are usually happy and willing to pay copywriters who help them attract more clients.

Unlike more versatile sectors such as tech or finance, the legal niche is a very sensitive area. Just a little error you can almost neglect can cost you millions of dollars. So, legal employers always look out for copywriters with robust experience in the legal field.

Of course,  the implication is that there are fewer copywriters in the legal niche than in most other niches. This makes it a less competitive and yet highly lucrative niche for copywriters. If you have enough guts to become an expert in this niche, you can rest assured you will be a high-earning copywriter.

#7. Ghostwriting

As a ghostwriter, your clients have absolute authority over the copies you write for them. This implies that you don’t get any reference or credit whatsoever for the content you deliver to them. 

Meanwhile, writers need a lot of public recognition to add authority to their brand. So, it means a whole if you don’t have any other thing to gain from your copies apart from the pay and the experience.

Because of this, ghostwriting is one of the most lucrative ways to make money as a copywriter. You get to charge much higher amounts as compensation for the credit and reference you’re not getting. Clients who use ghostwriters understand the implications, so they are mostly willing to pay the price too.

Ghostwriting is not a copywriting niche in itself as you can ghost-write across any niche you want. Nevertheless, if your focus is to rack in as much money as possible, then you might consider writing as a ghostwriter.

Guidelines To Choosing the Perfect Copywriting Niche For You

Obviously, there are numerous copywriting niches to focus on. Now the big question is, how do you choose the perfect niche that works for you?

There are some factors you will have to consider to choose the niche that fits you best. What influences your actions are basically your priorities in your copywriting career. 

Some people just prefer doing what they love, so they magnify passion and job satisfaction over money no matter what. For some others, their satisfaction comes from the pay itself, so whatever pays more is what they become passionate about.

Another set of people may prefer a balanced combination of passion and good pay to take on any niche. It all boils down to what exactly you want. However, here are a few guidelines that can help you figure out which copywriting niche might be most profitable for you.

Start With Your Area of Interest

There is arguably nothing more fulfilling than doing what you have passion for. It makes the work easier and more enjoyable. Choosing a niche in your area of interest keeps you writing on what you love and getting well paid for doing so.

If you’re tech-savvy, for instance, you most likely have an in-depth understanding of how the tech market behaves. This might be the distinguishing factor between your copy and that of another copywriter who just researched the niche to write copies.

Copywriting in your area of interest also gives you room to learn more about what you love. The learning performs double functions at the same time: adding more fascinating knowledge to your passion, and increasing your value and worth in your copywriting career.

Choose A Niche Where You Have Good Knowledge

It is best practice to choose a niche you already have a good knowledge of. And in case you’re just starting out and what you love isn’t as lucrative, you can go for a niche you’re sure you can become an expert in. Sometimes, and in fact, most times, your area of interest can also be an area you have background knowledge on.

If you’re a lawyer by profession, for instance, but you love the banking sector, you might want to base your copywriting on the legal niche. This is because even though you love banking stuff, you may not have sufficient knowledge and experience to excel as a copywriter in that field.

This is where it becomes important to separate business from pleasure. What matters most in the field is the quality of your delivery, so you might have to stick to what you can do best and not necessarily what you like. After all, you can make good money from copywriting in your profession and use the money to fund your passion.

Make Sure That the Market is Thriving

Delving into any enterprise without proper research can be dangerous. You can spend years making the wrong decisions on the wrong path only to find out when it is already late.

In choosing a copywriting niche, carrying out thorough market research is very crucial. You need to find out the niches that are trending at the moment, and how many of them will still have good prospects in years to come. This is to ensure you don’t lose relevance in the copywriting world in the near future.

You can research important factors about a niche such as the growth trends, business forecasts, trade associations, advertisements, buzz, and so on.  The prospects of a copywriting niche determine the level of demand and supply in that niche. And the demand and supply in turn determine how profitable the niche is and will turn out in the future.

For example, tech sectors such as Machine Learning or Blockchain technology have seemingly great possibilities in the future. But they may not yet have a strong supply of opportunities at the moment given that they are still developing.

If you already copywriting skills in a happening niche, you can decide to base on that one for sustenance while you push your interest in your futuristic niches. In essence, be sure you’re not venturing into a niche that will not be profitable in the long run.

Search for Opportunities In Your Target Market

As a niche copywriter, you will need a platform in your niche to give voice to your writings. If you cannot afford the patience to build your own copywriting brand, you can leverage other opportunities to partner with established platforms.

You can get on your writing journey as a guest writer. Examples of renowned companies that can grant you such an opportunity include Forbes, Fast company, Shopify, and lots more.

One of the advantages of writing guest posts in these industries is that it will help you in building new relationships, increase your readership and promote your online awareness. It is also a great way to break into your niche market and make your name known.

Maximize Your Strength and Develop Yourself

The truth is that even though the copywriting world is lucrative, there is also high competition among copywriters in different niches. If you must make as much money as you desire, you must leverage the things that make you stand out as a copywriter.

It might be your previous knowledge in a niche, your passion, your communication skills, your fast learning pace, your flexibility – name them! You need to assess yourself properly to figure out your strengths and maximize them to deliver your best.

If there are factors that seemingly put you in a disadvantageous position, pay attention to them too. You might need to adjust your schedule, your sleep life, your favorite time of work, etc. Remember, the goal is to become the best copywriter in your niche and pocket good money as you make a name for yourself.

Bottom Line

You can make good money from copywriting if you know the things to do and how to do them. Picking a copywriting niche and staying on it gives you the stamina you need to outshine your competitors in the same field. If you can master your copywriting game, the sky is only your starting point.

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