Why I Moved My blog From Dreamhost To Bluehost?

I have started my first WordPress blog on Dreamhost. After one year I have migrated my blog to Bluehost hosting on 20 August 2016.

In this article, I will share with you the reasons why I have migrated my WordPress blog from DreamHost to Bluehost before that I want to share my one-year blogging experience with Dreamhost.

Dreamhost One Year Experience

I have started a self-hosted WordPress blog on 27 August 2015 before that, I had a blogger blog. Later, I purchased DreamHost web hosting to start my blogging career.

Immediately I bought the Genesis framework for my blog. It took me 4-5 days to set up all the frameworks and settings.

All things I have shared in my blogging journey. Here are a few things which I learned in the first year of blogging.

  • I didn’t have any idea about WordPress, but last year I have learned almost everything about WordPress.
  • Use of WordPress plugins.
  • How to manage/configure FTP files with FileZilla.
  • Learned all basics of Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Research, Google Analytics, Google Search Console.
  • The importance of backlinks.
  • Basics of SEO.
  • Understanding of CPanel.
  • Customization of Genesis framework.

DreamHost is the best hosting which I had experienced last year. Key features of DreamHost web hosting.

  • Excellent technical support, if you have stuck in something they will solve it immediately.
  • I haven’t seen my blog down for a single minute.
  • The first-year price is very low, 23$.
  • Clean interface anyone will understand.

Why did I move to Bluehost?

Why I left DreamHost even if it’s better?

The reason why I started my first WordPress blog on Dreamhost is MONEY. and MONEY is the same reason why I left Dreamhost.

When I purchased Dreamhost hosting, I got a 97% discount, finally, I got hosting just for $23 for a year.

When the hosting expired, the renewal pricing of Dreamhost was $120 per year for the same plan so I decided to migrate the blog to Bluehost.

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Now, coming to Bluehost, I don’t have much experience with Bluehost, but one thing user interface of the CPanel is excellent. You will lot of functionality inbuilt even a file manager. I will share my Bluehost experience for three months.

Why Bluehost?

I am a very huge fan of Bluehost hosting, which is recommended by WordPress itself. For beginners, it’s a great choice to start a blog on Bluehost. Here are some exciting features which I liked about Bluehost.

  • Excellent technical support on call or chat
  • Very cheapest web hosting starting at 3.45$/month, in offer period you will get this hosting just at 2.95$/month
  • User-friendly CPanel.
  • If you are not satisfied with the web hosting, then you will get a refund (30 days money-back guarantee).

I have written my reviews on Bluehost Hosting, you can read it.

Blog Migration Issues

Before starting the migration, I had read some articles about how to migrate a WordPress blog from one hosting to another. I got a basic idea of migration. Only three things you have to do while migrating the blog.

  1. SQL database
  2. WP-content folder
  3. Backup of your WordPress blog

While I am importing a backup of SQL, then I was getting query timeout error, which was not resolved till the end.

I kept my blog backup by using the WP-Clone plugin on Dropbox but when I have started importing this backup it was throwing an exception.

Finally, I have decided to choose a Fiverr option. If you don’t know about Fiverr, then it’s a site where you can post a job for professionals and they will work on it. You will get your job done at $5 only.

I have placed the gig on Fiverr for one professional team and they migrated my blog within 10 hrs.

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