Mozilla Thunderbird- the best email application

mozilla thunderbird the best email app

Everyone knows about the Mozilla browser but how many people know about Mozilla Thunderbird email application. Very few people were aware of the Thunderbird email application. Most people use Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo for their personal as well as corporate use. We can not imagine mail without Gmail. Almost everyone has a Google account for personal use. The outlook is used in all corporate companies. Yahoo mail is the third favourite mailing service.

But if you have the account on all the mail service provider then How you can manage it in one place? All these service providers have a feature to add any mail address, but it’s difficult to control all in one.

I have tried to add all my email accounts in Outlook, but for me, it’s very confusing and challenging to manage it because of some extra feature.

Yesterday I installed Mozilla Thunderbird email application on my laptop, and I loved it. It’s just a straightforward application to manage all your email address.

In Mozilla Thunderbird, you can add any custom email address also. It will recognise your mail service provider immediately. One thing which I liked about Mozilla Thunderbird is a real-time notification. If you get an email, it will quickly show you a notification.

Mozilla Thunderbird Download

Here I am going to tell you to step by step guide for Mozilla Thunderbird. Also, I am sorting out some exciting features of it.

Getting started with Mozilla Thunderbird

First Install the Mozilla Thunderbird from the Mozilla trusted the site. Once you download the application, install it correctly.

Next, you need to configure the mail accounts to Mozilla Thunderbird. Here is the step by step guide to add the email account.

Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird, go to the File> New > Existing Mail account

mozilla Thunderbird add new mail

Enter the email address and password. It will fetch the incoming and outgoing servers. Click one the done you will see the inbox to the left-hand side.

mozilla thunderbird email account setup

Like this, you can add any number of accounts to Mozilla Thunderbird. It’s effortless to manage all the accounts from the single place.

Personalised email address

With Mozilla Thunderbird, you can choose the email address what you want. No restriction about the domain name. Just search for the title, you will get hundreds of suggestions.

Go to File > New > Get a new mail account

personalized email address with mozilla thunderbird

Connect with the chat

It’s better to get social and connect with our friends from the mailing application. Mozilla Thunderbird has the inbuilt feature to join your chat network like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. You can search your past chat history throughout the mailbox.

mozilla thunderbird chat feature

Tabbed emails

In Mozilla Thunderbird, whenever you open the email, it will open a new tab. It is very convenient for reading also you can quickly switch from one email to another.

mozilla thunderbird tabbed mail

Import and Export(emails, contacts, etc.)

If you required importing your contacts from the old mail service provider, you could easily do it with the help of the Thunderbird’s import feature.

What can you import?

  • Address Book
  • Mails
  • Feed Subscription
  • Setting
  • Filters

To do go to the Tools > Import

mozilla thunderbird import feature

Ads on

Mozilla Thunderbird supports inbuilt Ads on the store (Mozilla Store) from which you can install plugins, themes, ads on, etc. To access it go to Tools> Ads on 

mozilla thunderbird ads on


You can customise your mailbox with different types of beautiful themes. You can download the themes from the Mozilla store.

Currently, Outlook is used in all corporate to manage mail accounts. Even I am using Outlook for my emails, but I have installed the Mozilla Thunderbird, and I loved it. It’s a straightforward, smooth, Fast mail application I have ever seen.

Gmail is also an option for personal use. We can not imagine email without Gmail. Almost all people have their Gmail account. All the Android phone require one Gmail account to sync all the setting and data.

Hope that this article will help you to know more about Mozilla Thunderbird application. If you like this post, then you can share it with your friends.

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