Amit Kharbade: My Blogging Journey So Far

Amit Kharbade

Today, I am going to tell you about my blogging journey. Keep your coffee with you, it will take more time(depends on your reading ability)

I have been thinking about sharing my blogging journey with all my readers, but because of a busy schedule, it didn’t happen. Now I got some time to write about the history of ScrollBucks.

It has been a great feeling to share my blogging experience with all you guys because, during this journey, I had faced lots of ups and downs. I feel proud when someone appraises my work.

When I write post people commented on it that you are doing great work, your blog is very excellent, etc. that time I feel like Am I a professional blogger? Sorry, it was just a joke, but it’s been the proud moment for anyone when someone appreciates your hard work, you will get more confidence that will motivate you to do more hard work to get more appreciation.

2012: Thinking About Blogging

I completed my engineering in 2012. I didn’t get an offer from a college campus because of low grades. After graduation, I started searching for a software developer job in the IT industry, but I didn’t get success.

I had been trying for two years to get a job at the same time my confidence was going down. I was searching for another way to make money for living.

One day I read on the internet that peoples are earning thousands of dollars from blogging. First time when I read it I thought it was a fake post but later on I had read more posts about making money online through blogging.

After reading hundreds of post I came to the conclusion that Yes, we can make money from blogging. Also, I had enough time to write a blog and I wanted to learn more about blogging before getting started.

Finally, I started my first blog on BlogSpot platform since it is free and I didn’t have money to invest in the blog.

and the journey begins.

2013: First Domain Name

After starting my blog on Blogger, I decided to purchase a domain name. I was thinking that domain name is a very expensive thing and I couldn’t afford it but when I opened the GoDaddy, everything was changed. Besides that, I saw ads of GoDaddy showing domain name just for $0.99/month only how is it possible?

Yes, it’s true, the pricing of a domain name was starting from $0.99/month. I could afford the domain name for at least one year. I didn’t think much about after year what would happen.

I didn’t have much knowledge about the domain name and I didn’t read the guidelines about the domain name. Finally, I decided to go with ‘MyTechnologyService[dot]com’ domain name and I bought it for $8.

Day by day, my blogging knowledge get increased, and I realized that it’s not right to keep the long domain name for a long-running of your blog. I decided to change the domain name by selling an existing one.

But by mistake, my domain name got removed from my GoDaddy profile and the dream of selling domain name ends here. I did not felt bad since it was not a great domain name.

Immediately I bought the new domain name, which was ScrollBucks. This is how I purchased the ScrollBucks[dot]com domain name.

2014: Why ScrollBucks?

Now you might be thinking that why I selected this domain name isn’t it?

Genuinely speaking, there was no particular reason behind this domain name. I was thinking about the domain name, and I found the ‘scroll lock’ button on the keyboard, and at the same time, I was thinking to earn money online through blogging since I was unemployed.

Scroll from the Scroll Lock button and Bucks from Money. Finally, I got ScrollBucks. It also means that the keyboard played a significant role in my blogging journey.

Blogger or WordPress?

I had a domain name but still, I was thinking about the blogging platform. I was running the blogger blog since I didn’t have money to buy web hosting and start a WordPress blog.

Somewhere I heard that WordPress is the best platform for blogging. I had searched for more information about WordPress and I got confused between and

Since my blog was on the BlogSpot platform, I was very keen to move it on WordPress, but because of financial problems, it didn’t happen, and I continued with the BlogSpot.

I heard a lot about WordPress that if you want to make a career in blogging then you must start your journey with WordPress. Since the situations were not in my hand I continued with BlogSpot.

2015: Got Job

Since I am a Software Engineer by profession I was searching for a job in the IT industry. After appearing 80+ companies interview and after searching job for two years, I got placed in Infosys Technology Limited. This was the turning point in my blogging journey.

By that time blogging became my passion and I could afford anything for my blog. My first job helped me to migrate my blog on self-hosted WordPress.

2015: Theme and Web Hosting

When I got my first salary on 31 March 2015 09.20 AM ( I kept 100 Rs currency for memory).

When I was searching blogging content on the internet, every time I got ShoutMeLoud blog’s results, which is a popular blog by Harsh Agrawal. I was addicted to reading his blog and I also liked his blog theme. It was on the Genesis framework and a customized child theme.

After a few months, Harsh changed his old theme and decided to sell an older version. Immediately, I emailed Harsh that I wanted to buy his theme.

and this is how I got my ScrollBucks Genesis Child Theme.

I bought a Genesis child theme from Harsh for $49 and DreamHost web hosting $22 (I got 97% discount).

In 2015, I had well settled and intention for starting this blog was not just for earning money, but it’s my passion, which bought me here. My passion forced me to do a new thing about blogging; every day, I read the latest stuff about blogging and tried to implement it on my blog. Whenever I got some information, then I write about it and publish it.

Since I had a full-time job, I hardly get time to work on my blog on the weekend. I managed everything about my blog like the promotion of blog, writing content, implement SEO tips, read some blogging related articles, keywords research, etc.

Blog Niche

Selecting the blog niche is a very crucial thing in blogging. When I started my blog, I was reading only about blogging on the internet and try to write it on my blog. I was very excited to write about blogging content on my blog.

After a few months, I realized that the blogging niche had more competition, which was not easy for me to rank on Google. Since I had written more content on my blog I couldn’t change my niche and continued to write about blogging.

This is how ScrollBucks got the BLOGGING niche.

try to do different than others, be unique

One thing I learned about it that you don’t copy others and try to choose a niche where your interest is. If you write what you like then blogging is just amazing for you.

Don’t compare yourself with other bloggers. Also, don’t think that if someone is doing this, then I can. Try to stuck with one niche only.

Blog Monetization

I started learning different ways to earn money online. AdSense was the first monetization method that I implemented on my blog for making money.

Later on, I came to know about Affiliate Marketing. I started learning more about it. I started joining different Affiliate programs from the blogging niche. Affiliate marketing will work only when you have more traffic.

There were other options also available but I stuck with AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. Since I was using Dreamhost shared hosting I joined the Dreamhost affiliate program and I earned my first blogging income from it.

It was a memorable day for me and it couldn’t stop me to write about first blogging income.

My First Laptop

If you want to work from home, then you must have a laptop. I had searched for a laptop on the internet to get a better one which will fulfill all my requirements. Finally, I found that HP Pavilion 15-p206TX Notebook, which I bought for $800 from Snapdeal on 3 May 2015.

Recently I purchased the brand new MacBook Air. It has more than 12 hours of battery life. If you are a blogger I would recommend you to go for MacBook Air.

I am moving forward with the flow and trying to update my old post to make it more efficient and SEO friendly. Updating the content is the never-ending process; you have to keep your content updated with the latest information.

I will keep updating this post, stay tuned, and subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest updates. You can also mail me at

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Amit Kharbade

Editor/Writer at ScrollBucks
Engineer, Blogger, Writer, and the man behind ScrollBucks. Amit has been contributing to ScrollBucks since 2014. He is writing about Blogging, Adsense Guide, WordPress tutorials, Affiliate marketing, and reviews.

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  1. I was inspired by your journey have starded my blog i invest a fair amount in it in paying content writers and covers a lot of categories is it good to have a lot of categories in a single blog

    • Hi Amit,
      I think you are talking about blog niche,it’s better to have only one niche because multiple niches will affect your traffic.As a beginner try to focus on single niche only.


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