My first blogging income from Dreamhost affiliate program

Finally, I received my first blogging income through the Dreamhost affiliate program. Here at ScrollBucks, I have used Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator, Cloudways, Vultr, and the same hostings I promote on my blog.

My first web hosting was Dreamhost and I was promoting it on my blog. My Blog was hosted on Dreamhost for one year. It was an excellent experience to use my first web hosting service. I have written reviews about Dreamhost shared hosting.

Here are the exciting features of Dreamhost which I have experienced

  1. Awesome technical support
  2. User-friendly CPanel.
  3. 100% uptime guarantee.

After three months of use, I have decided to promote Dreamhost hosting. We don’t need a separate affiliate account for Dreamhost as it is included in your hosting account. I have created a coupon that offers a 50% discount on shared hosting.

For that, I have written a post Dreamhost coupons for shared hosting and published it. I have tried to share it on social media, but I didn’t get success. Later on, as the day passed, I forget about Dreamhost Affiliate even I forget about I had written Dreamhost coupon’s post.

After a year, my hosting plan ended, and I have migrated my blog to Bluehost web hosting. The only reason why I moved to another hosting is the huge renewal price. Dreamhost is very expensive for beginners. I have purchased this hosting because I had got a 97% discount. That time I have decided to use this hosting for one year and later on find out suitable hosting at less price.

Anyway, I am happy that I got $47 from Dreamhost Affiliate. Yesterday I logged in to my old account after two months to check the status of an affiliate account, and I am shocked. The affiliate account balance was $47.

Dreamhost is paying $97 for each sign-up, but my referral applied coupon code of $50, so I got $47 commission, and it’s currently on 97 days hold period. In these 97 days if the users canceled their hosting, then I will not get $47. I am waiting for 97 days to receive my first Affiliate payment in PayPal.

Now I realized the importance of Affiliate marketing over the PPC technique. I have been using Adsense since last year, but because of less traffic, I am not getting many clicks, and final earning is around $14 but just one sale, and I got $47 through Affiliate Marketing.

if you are a blogger, don’t depend on the only source of income. Try to implements all the possible techniques either you will earn or learn. There are some other ways you can make money from your blog.

In 2012, I received $51 from the Bubblews social networking site. That was my first online income, and after that yesterday, I received another income. So I think my blogging journey is now started with this little reward.

I am looking forward to increasing my traffic so that I will earn more money from different sources. I will also publish my income and traffic report.

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