New year resolution for professional bloggers

Happy new year to all of you.Hope that last year you enjoyed blogging. We have a brilliant future in front of us. I am seeing that most of the engineers want to be a professional blogger to get rid of a 9 to 6 job. They want to live a laptop life and become our boss. Another new year to start your career with new goals. Many bloggers decide what should do in the next year so that we can improve the blog performance. I have chosen lots of things like increase monthly are earning, traffic, taking the blog to the next level, write at least four posts in a week or update it daily, etc. Here I am telling you my resolutions for the new year, and also I will recommend the same.

  1. I want to increase quality backlinks.
  2. Write daily one quality post. It’s not possible, but I will try my best to make it possible.
  3. Content is king in blogging, so I am trying to improve my writing skills, grammar, etc. Also, I am updating all my old post to make my content fresh.
  4. I will promote my blog on social networking site like facebook, twitter, google plus, etc. Social sites are the best way to reach to all audience. I will share the content on social media daily. I am using buffer and tweetwheel plugin to automate my content submission.
  5. I am focusing on how to engage readers with my blog more time. Currently, my bounce rate is 80+ I want to decrease it to 70.

The primary intention behind blogging is to earn money, most of the professional blogger make lots of money from blogging, o I will find out new ways to make money online, Right now I am using only one income source Adsense. I will recommend you one thing,” before using anything try to study it, understand it” I started this blog in August 2014 before that I was reading everything about blogging then I came in this profession. Most of the time, what happens because of little traffic some bloggers decide to quit their blog, you will not get success soon it will take weeks, months, years also. You have to be patient about it.   Related: How to increase traffic to your blog?   Here I am suggesting some resolutions for you:

  1. Increase your number of post per day or week.
  2. Read the popular blog and get something new from them.
  3. Try to understand what readers want and work for the same.
  4. Be unique, don’t copy others, write your content.
  5. Take your decision and make it fulfill.
  6. Time is money, don’t waste time, try to do anything you want, which is helpful regarding your career.
  7. Try to read all popular blog and what they are saying, there writing method, etc.
  8. Try to comment on the popular article it’s good practice as everyone is looking into it.

Related: How to earn money from affiliate marketing? Nowadays, email marketing and content marketing are also popular monetizing techniques that all popular blog uses on the internet, so do a study for the same and try to implement it on your blog.   That’s it, friends. If you have any new resolution, then please let me know.  

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