10 Reasons why bloggers should join online forum

The forum is an online discussion site where anyone can register and share their thoughts. If anyone has problems with the topic, they can share it on the forum so that if any users on the forum know the solution, they will answer to all the queries.

Now, you would think chat rooms and the online forums are same, no, it’s not.

Forum and Chat rooms are different as chat rooms have a limited conversation with the intended person only and it is private, but in the case of the online forum, all are a public discussion.

Users join chat rooms for the spending time or just for entertainment, but an online forum is to get the answers to our queries.

The online forum consists of-

  1. Administrator- The administrator has all rights deleting the thread, approving the thread, block the members, etc. All forum has one administrator who will monitor all the discussion to avoid the spamming. There will be multiple administrators to divide the workload.
  2. Members- The members are the users of the forums. Interested people can register and join the forum. Depending on the forum’s privacy, your request will go to the Administrator for approval.
  3. Moderator- The moderator is the member of the online forum having access to moderate each conversation. If someone is doing spam in the forum by placing redundant links, images, etc. then moderator ban that users or hide the thread.

If you have asked any successful blogger about forum if they are using it or not you will get an immediate response that

if you want to be a successful professional blogger, you must join an online forum to get new ideas.

In this article, I am going to tell you advantages of the online joining forum, how the forum will help to gain new ideas, to increase the knowledge about what you are interested in and to get the answers to the queries. For a blogger, it is crucial to join the online forum.

To gain ideas

This is the most valuable advantage of joining the forum. The primary intention to adhere to the forum is to increase specialised knowledge, to get new ideas, solution, current topic knowledge, etc.

I have joined blogging related forum to get new ideas about blogging even most of my problems to get solved by forum discussions. Whenever I have any queries about my blog, I create a new thread in the forum. Almost all members are always active on the forum so that you will get an immediate response.

If you are writing a new post, but you are not getting any topic from your niche. I would suggest you open the Quora forum. You will get thousand of blog topic ideas. I use this technique to write a post. Before writing, I read all the forums and see what people are looking for. I pick up one topic and write about it.

Be a teacher for members

If someone posted a problem statement, and you know the answers, then you can try to answer that questions day by day your confidence will increase, friend’s circle, the corporate circle will also increase. In shorts, you are solving the problems of other people. You are mentoring lots of members in forum automatically you will be the teachers for all folks.

Promote your content

You can promote your blog in the forum and is the fastest way to grow more audience for your blog. Keep in mind that while posting anything, it will not spam the forum or break the policy of that forum. Sometimes to get traffic members repeatedly post the same thread frequently, it means they are spamming the forum.

Show your skills

This is the right place to show your expertise, ability to the world. You can solve the problems of a thousand people just giving them a proper solution. If you know, the answer then doesn’t hesitate to post it because it will not solve the problems, but you will get appreciation at the time you are getting famous.

Improve writing skill

If you are writing daily in the forum, your writing skill will get automatically improved so be part of each communication where topics are related to your interest. If you are posting a detailed response, the members will come to know that you have expertise in that field and they will try to connect with you socially result is you are growing your audience.

Share your feelings

If you have any problem related to life, office, friends anything you can share it with forums you will get some responses immediately but keep in mind that don’t exchange real name of the person who is involved in that issue. Take the advice from each people and act on it.

Grow the relationship

By communicating repeatedly, you are bonding some relationship with people, which is helpful for future as there might be a possibility that person will solve your problem sometimes you will get life partner for your life that rarely happens.

These are the advantages of the forum, there are lots of benefits apart from it, but I have sorted, which is crucial for us. There are some cons of the forum which is negligible which I sorted out

  • Lots of spammers present in the forum.
  • You don’t know to whom you are talking, so don’t share real information if someone is requesting.
  • Sometimes you will get the wrong solution.

If you are the professional blogger I recommend you to join the popular forum to get new ideas.

If you have any other opinion about the forum, then share it with our readers.

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