In my recent post, I have written about the installation guide of Google Analytics using the MonsterInsight WordPress plugin. Also, I have explained how MonsterInsights is useful for WooCommerce sites.

In this post, I am going to explain one more useful feature of the MonsterInsights plugin- Scroll Depth Tracking.

Using scroll depth tracking, you can monitor the reader’s engagement in your blog. MonsterInsights plugin will trigger a new event in Google Analytics when visitors scroll down web pages. By using which you can see when your site visitors scroll 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%.

It is very simple to enable the Scroll Tracking feature in MonsterInsights. It is automatically added to MonsterInsights plus customers and above.

Requirements to enable Scroll Tracking in MonsterInsights

  • You must have MonsterInsight plus or above plans, if not then you can purchase it from here.
  • MonsterInsights plugin is installed and activated.
  • MonsterInsights plugin is connected with Google Analytics, if not check out this tutorial.
  • Must have an updated version of MonsterInsights.

Scroll Tracking Setup

I assume that you have purchased the MonsterInsight Plus plan or above and installed the plugin.

Navigate to Insights >> Settings >> Engagement

The scroll Tracking option will be enabled by default if not then you can enable it.

You can check the scroll tracking report in the MonsterInsights plugin itself. Navigate to Reports >> Publishers at the bottom of the publisher report you can check the scroll tracking report.

Like this, you can monitor the scroll of entires pages on your sites. Now, you may have a question in mind that How it is important to your site?

By looking at the average scroll depth you can easily identify at what depth the readers are going and accordingly, you can add the call in action button or put an advertisement in that area.

Check Scroll Tracking In Google Analytics

You can also check the real-time scroll tracking in Google Analytics. As I said, when the readers scroll the pages it will trigger new events in Google Analytics and by using this we can track the performance.

Step 1- Go to Google Analytics and log in with your credentials.

Step 2- Navigate to Real-time >> Events

Step 3- Make sure that you have logged out to your WordPress site. To check the same open the new incognito window and check it.

Step 4- Open the home page of your website and scroll down 100%.

Step 5- Now, open Google Analytics, you will see the new events you just triggered.

Step 6- For the complete report of Scroll Tracking, you can check the behavior area of Google Analytics.

Navigate to Behavior >> Events >> Overview and click on the scroll depth event.

Step 7- To get detailed information click on the Event Label.

After that, you will see the many events triggered for each percentage of scrolling.

In this way, you can enable the scroll tracking feature of the MonsterInsights plugin and track the scrolling behavior of your sites. These are very useful features to understand up to what depth the readers are reading our post and accordingly we can improve it.

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