How can you avoid your Facebook account to be HACKED?

Almost billions of people using Facebook for personal or corporate use. In that case, they may log in from multiple devices simultaneously like mobile phones, PC, Tablets, Laptops, etc. If it’s your own devices, then it’s okay, but if you are logging in from the public cyber cafe, then you should be careful about privacy and security of your Facebook account.

There is a possibility that your private account will get compromised. People can share unwanted photos, status from your account. It’s your responsibility to keep your account secure and safe.

In this post, I am sharing some security measures which you have to consider while using Facebook from public places. Also, tips to keep your Facebook account more secure.

Use strong password

The Facebook account password should be reliable if you want to secure your Facebook account. Avoid using your name, date of birth, surname etc. in your password it will be helpful for hackers to easily crack your password as it contains the data related to you.

Use unique character, uppercase, lowercase everything in your password to make it more strong then it difficult for hackers to crack your password.

Proper Logout

If you are using Facebook from a cyber cafe, then don’t forget to log out because so many people are using the same PC and you will not be aware of what they will do with your account. They can do an unwanted activity from your account.

As Facebook is a brand, now, everyone uses it. The status will spread within a second to the world. To avoid this logout and clear history of the browser.

facebook log out

Turn on Login alert

You should turn on the login notification to know who is logging in to your account. You will get a notification email from Facebook, or you will get a mobile alert if you have registered your mobile. To turn on notification go to Setting>Security>Login alerts

notification for facebook

Logged in Devices, Locations

You can see currently logged in active devices for your account in the security tab, To know who you see any unknown devices, then you can log out from a find out who devise. are logged in go to settings>security>where you are logged in

logged in devices for facebook

Limit your old post to your friends

If you enable this setting then all your previous posts which are public, private friends of friends, etc. limit to only friends. It means you are showing all your post to friends; only privacy will be maintained.

For doing this go to setting>privacy>who can see my stuff?

Facebook limit post

Block unnecessary contact

If you find anyone spamming you or trying to access your account, posting useless stuff on your timeline then block suck people they are dangerous. Such people will collect your information and try to hack your account. Beware of such fraud.

Don’t enable ‘keep me logged in.’

While logging in you will see one option ‘keep me logged in’ don’t check that box otherwise it will keep your account active daily even after PC shut down next time when you open Facebook your account will get opened without credentials.

facebook login

Add mobile number

If you add a mobile number to Facebook, you will get a notification on SMS real-time. You will easily track who is logging in to your account and if you found that unknown person is trying to access your account then immediately change the password of the account.

To activate mobile go to setting>mobile,>add mobile

Confirm Email ID

Once you sign up for the new Facebook account, you will receive one confirmation email. You must confirm your email to get a daily notification of your account activity. It’s a good habit of verifying email ID so that in future if any suspicious activity will happen you will get notified by email and you can avoid it and secure Facebook account.

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