SEO tips for beginners

Basic SEO tips for beginners

SEO is search engine optimization by which you can quickly improve your website’s page rank, and Google will show your pages on the first search result page. Basically, without SEO, you won’t get any organic traffic, now what is organic traffic? Organic traffic is the traffic coming from a search engine. I have seen that some people’s quitting their blog because they won’t get enough traffic. The reason behind this is they don’t know the basics of SEO techniques, how to implement it? Etc.

If you are thinking of building a better blog with high traffic, then the first term you need to consider is SEO. Keep in mind that the organic traffic of your blog is directly proportional to the search engine optimization without proper optimization; one cannot drive more traffic to their blog. As a newbie blogger, I read some articles related to SEO tricks and sort out some essential points that they have repeatedly mentioned in every article. Here I am sharing you some essential SEO tips that I have implemented on my blog, and it will improve traffic.

Content is king

Write for readers not for a search engine, if you are satisfying the users who are visiting your blog. They will find you again and again. So, write such content that will cover all topics that readers want. I have seen some bloggers just reading from the web and rehashing it on our blog. Before writing any content, think what you need to be cover in that article, what readers want? Then write quality content based on the above points. As per my experience, the content of your blog is one of the most critical factors that will directly affect your blog’s organic traffic. The quality content requires driving more organic traffic to your blog. Off course when people love your writing then they will recommend your articles to other passionate readers, and they will definitely share your post on social media, suppose in future if they want something related to your blog niche then they will search for your blog first because they were fully satisfied by your blog content in past. So, write such articles that will help readers to solve their problems, easily understandable, clean, etc.

Post Title, Meta Description, Permalink

As Google pays more attention to your title of the post, it should be related to post or content on your blog. Try to give the title that will frequently search on Google. Try to add at least one keyword in your post titles recently I have written excellent articles related to post. Also, keep in mind that the word that you use at the start of the title tends to carry more weight than the weight you use later in the post title. Don’t include the title of your blog name in the post title or content. I recommend you to google it before you are writing the title of the post, take some recommendation and try to come out of it with your title. For keywords research, you can use the Google keyword planner tool, which is free.

Another prominent place where google look is meta description, you must include one keyword in meta description too it will improve your SEO.

Permalink is posted URL in which you have to add one focus keyword that you have used in above both places. For focus keyword adding you can use Yoast SEO plugin.


Before writing any articles, I recommend you give one hour for keywords research and find out some keywords and try to implement that in your blog post. For improving organic traffic, keywords play a significant role. While writing, your post works to include keywords that are most searched or trending on Google search engine. I mean suppose you are writing the post related to SEO then use the words like SEO, traffic, blogger, meta tags, sitemap, etc. that will help for the Google crawlers to search the query fast, and it will automatically improve your page rank in Google. If you want to know about most search keyword for your blog, then use Google keyword planner. It will give you keywords along with page rank. By using experience with keywords, try to write the next post containing more keywords.


If you want to engage your readers to your blog, then try to put interlinks within a post. It means if you are writing the post later try to include the links from your blog in between but make sure that the links are related to the post that will keep the readers more time on your blog. In most cases, the links from other blogs(outer-link) to your blog do well than interlink.

Outerlink, Backlink

This is very important to improve your page rank in Google search engine. This topic is related to the promotion of your blog. Create the pages on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. and share your post on them regularly, readers will get attracted to your post and visit your website to read the content. As this traffic is coming from social media or outside your blog, it is called external link.


Permalink is nothing but the hyperlink of the blog post. It is generated automatically by Blogger and WordPress too. Instead of automatically generated permalink, I recommend trying to add the custom link. While writing your post, you will get the chance to edit the permalink. Just use the simple keywords that will describe your blog post. The custom permalink will improve your SEO ranking in Google search engine.

Image Alt tag

Alt tag for images will also improve the SEO of your blog remarkable. When you insert an image, in the property section of the image, you will see the alt tag, put the alt tag that will describe an image. It will defiantly give you a good result. This is the most successful techniques for SEO. The Alt tag is useful for google image search.


You can categorize your blog post by using labels. Try to give labels for each post so that you can differentiate all your post by its category. Technology, Blogging, WordPress is a standard category that every blogger uses.

Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is a complete package of SEO available for WordPress users for free. You can upgrade it to premium features. I highly recommend you to activate this plugin is it will increase your page rank. I have used this plugin for three months, and I got a good result, I have checked all my page rank and get shocked that all my post shows in 2-3 number pages in the google search result. When I have installed this plugin, I have found out that the page rank of some pages is improving.

It’s quite confusing to set up a Yoast plugin manually, so I have written an article on complete SEO by Yoast plugin configuration. If you still have some doubts, then don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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