ShareASale Affiliate Network Tutorial [With Screenshots]

Are you Affiliate Marketer? Do you want to join more affiliate programs from your niche?

ShareASale Affiliate Network will provide you thousands of affiliate programs to promote. It is the biggest marketplace for Affiliate Marketer.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the entire process of ShareASale Affiliate Network and how you can find the right product for you to promote.

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ShareASale Affiliate Network

ShareASale is Affiliate Network where more than 3000 merchants are registered to promote their products and services. You can sign up to ShareASale as a Merchant or an Affiliate.

If you have registered to ShareASale as an Affiliate, then you will get more than 3000 companies’ products/services to promote their products.

shareasale affiliate program

Getting Started

To promote the various product on your blog, you need a ShareASale Affiliate account. You can follow the below guide to create a ShareASale Affiliate account.

Once you created the ShareASale Affiliate account then it’s time to find out the right products to promote on your blog.

You can find the affiliate program which you want to promote. The respective affiliate team will review your application and approve or reject it depending on their policy.

Find Merchant’s

Log in to your Affiliate Account dashboard and click on search for the Merchant.

search merchant in shareasale

Once you search the particular program, then click join the program.

join shareasale affiliate program

Once you are done your affiliate application will submit to the merchant and the current status will show pending. They will review your application and get back to you within 1-2 days.

Once your application is approved it’s time to find out the banners and links to promote. Click on the links and get a links/banner.

get banner to promote

Once you click on the get banner, you will be redirected to the merchant list which you have joined.

get links in shareasale

What kind of products you can promote on your blog. Here are some tips to choose the products

  • You can promote the products of your blog niche.
  • Check out the commission rate
  • Products that you are using or have been used.

If you want to quit any programs which you have joined then, you can quickly terminate it. Only go to account and choose to manage/stop programs. You will get all joined affiliate programs to choose which you want to end and quit.

quit shareasale affiliate program

ShareASale for Merchant

If you are a merchant and want to promote your products, then ShareASale is the right place for you to promote. The merchant dashboard is user-friendly you can quickly upload the banner and links, and you will get Affiliate clicks, Purchase History, Sold items, etc. all you can track from the single screen.

Overall all you need as a merchant is available. The initial registration amount is $550 for the Merchant.

If you have products to promote then join ShareASale Merchant Network


  • Reliable payment method by check as well as EFT transfer, they will pay you on time.
  • Advanced search option for the Merchant and Affiliate.
  • More than 3000 Merchants available.
  • You can download any report from ShareASale like Transaction details, Today’s stats, Revenue, etc.
  • Excellent support, you can raise your problems with the ShareASale support team.
  • The threshold payment amount is $50 means for a payout you need to have a minimum of $50 in your account.
  • Attractive Commission rate from 8% to 40%
  • The ShareASale dashboard is simple that anyone can understand.

Final Words

ShareASale Affiliate Network is the right place for Affiliate Marketer and Merchants. For the Affiliate, it’s free to join and promote the products. If you are a blogger and searching for products to promote on your blog then I would recommend you join the ShareASale Network.

If you are a merchant and you want to reach out to the targeted people then ShareASale will definitely help you to increase the sales with minimal fees.

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  1. Ali A. Ali

    my application to join to shareasale has been rejected .. can i re-submit my application again

    1. Yes you can resubmit your Shareasale application but with different user ID.

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