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How to earn money with

Many bloggers are searching for the easiest way to earn money online. Adsense is their primary choice, but because of the approval process of Adsense, bloggers are finding another way to monetize their website. Here at Scrollbucks, I am using Adsense and Affiliate Marketing for earning.

Yesterday, I found another technique to make money by shortening URL and referring it. Do you believe it that you are getting paid by just shortening URL? Yes, it’s true. is another URL shortener technique different from the traditional one. Previously I have explained some of the URL shortener websites which will short the URL. will give you money along with the URL shortener.

What is is the URL shortener site based in Europe. is connected with the Advertiser networks, so when readers will clicks on the links (Shorten by, they will see the ads before reaching to the destination page. In that case, you will earn for every Ad display. You can refer the below flow diagram for the functionality of review

Do you want to make money with Then let’s start.

Getting started with

To monetize your blog with the you need to visit the official website of shorte

Register with by just proving email address. You will get the activation email, click on the activation link.

Now your account is activated. For, you don’t have any approval procedure. This is an advantage of this technique.

To start URL shortening go to More Tools>Quick link review

Here you will get your API token (mine is 80f98…) which you can use to short the URL.

Here you need to update your URL in section and hit the enter. You will redirect to the link which you can use anywhere further. Keep it in mind that you will redirect to the page which you have entered in the destination.

If you think this is a very long URL to update, you can use the below one to make your URL shorten.

Same as above you can update the destination URL as you want and copy the same URL and use it anywhere. Now, you will think that when will I get paid?

Whenever readers open the shorten link, it will redirect to intermediate Ads, users either can skip the ads to reach the destination or view the ads. You will get paid for the display of each ad.

Shorte.St Payments payment method is via PayPal, Payoneer, and WebMoney

You can select as per your availability but keep it in mind that withdrawal limit for PayPal is $5 and Payoneer is $20.

For me, I have selected PayPal for my blog. payment method

Advantages of

There are few Advantages of over the other monetization which you can not neglect like

  • Referral Bonus- When you refer a person to use the, you will get 20% commission of the referred person’s payment forever. It means when someone starts using by your referral link and they earned $100, you will get $20. This will continue for all the referral forever.
  • Sign Up reward- When you sign up with you will get a bonus reward like for me I got $1 for the first 100 views of the ads.
  • Reliable payment method- Shorte offers three types of payment method PayPal, Payoneer, and WebMoney.
  • You will get paid for just display of the Ads.
  • A WordPress plugin is available for
  • You can earn even when you don’t have a website by just sharing the shorten link on social sites or over the emails.
  • Highest paying program
  • For every view of the Ads, you will get paid.

Payout rates for various countries

The payout rates are different for the diverse country. is paying $14.04/thousands views in the United States followed by the United Kingdom $10.75 highest paying countries

So, it’s clear that if you have more traffic from the US, UK then definitely you will earn more.

The only disadvantage of shorte is that the site is a bit slow.

If you are more traffic from the US and UK, I recommend you to implements this technique for a month. If you are getting positive results, then you can try it. is a bit irritating for the users because readers would have to wait for some time to reach the destination. So be aware that your readers won’t get irritated.

If you have already used then do share your experience with us.

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