Should You Delete or update Old Blog Posts?

Do you have the outdated blog posts? What you do with the old blog post?

Let me ask you a question if you think that one of your blog posts is outdated, what will you prefer? Writing a related new blog post or updating the old one?

Some of you will choose to write a new blog post instead of updating the old one. Let me tell you updating the old posts to the latest information is better and will save your time to write new blog posts.

If you take my opinion, I would prefer updating the old blog post because I don’t want to delete the content for which I have invested my valuable time.

Why anybody wants to delete the content for which we have invested valuable time.

Now, you might be thinking that we have hundreds of blog posts and which posts do we select for updating. isn’t it a good idea to get the traffic from the content which is no longer relevant?

In this article, I will cover almost all topics about outdated blog posts content and how we can repurpose it.

Old Blog Post

The old blog post is a dead content that is no longer valuable for users and for the blog as well.

When we write the blog posts at a certain point in time it gets outdated. It will have outdated content which will not be useful at that time. Nobody wants to read outdated content.

What bloggers should do with the old blog content? There are a few ways to get rid of old blog content. How we can recycle the bad stuff and get a benefit from it?

When I said to update the old posts, I mean updating the fresh content to the post. Here are a few ways you should consider while updating the content.

cleaning up old content

If you have written a tutorial to our blog then during the course of time there is a possibility that the new steps have been introduced to the process. So, we should consider updating our article for the latest information.

If the readers are reading the article they will misguide due to our old article and it will degrade the user experience of your website.

To make sure that, you have the latest information, you can review your blog content periodically and update the latest information for a better user experience.

New screenshots

This section is mainly applicable for tutorials blog posts.

When you write an article about the tutorials, you should have the latest screenshots in it otherwise readers will get trouble understanding the process.

You have to check the updated screens of the tutorials and if the update required you should update it.

update Broken links

This is a very crucial aspect of the blog post considering the SEO of it. You have to continuously monitor the broken links of your blog. If you find any broken links then you should fix it.

404 is bad for blog SEO

You can use any broken link checker plugin to find out the broken links throughout the blog.

Grammatical correction

Nobody is perfect while writing an article. When you write an article, you maybe make grammatical mistakes. You won’t realize it at the time of writing an article, but when you find it, you should fix it to improve the content.

You can use any grammar checking tool like Grammarly to find our all grammatical mistakes. If you are new to Grammarly, then you can read my reviews on it.

Internal linking

If you want to engage the readers to the blog, you should consider adding the internal links.

Internal linking is the never-ending process. If you are writing the new article and it is related to the old article, then it is a better idea to put the link to the new article in the old one and vice versa.

Always consider adding the related post in your article. Readers may be interested in the related articles and it will defiantly help readers to get what they want.


The good title attracts more readers. If you are not satisfied with your title or it is not SEO friendly then you can update it accordingly. You can use any post title generator tools to get a better idea about the title.

Delete spam Comments

If you have enabled the comment section for your blog, then you have to check the comments and approve it if it is genuine. You can use the Akismet plugin to filter out the spam comment. You can later delete all the spam comments.

Readers Consideration

Sometimes, readers comment on your blog post and expect more information. You should consider updating the information if it is valid and make sense.

Republish old blog post

Once you have completed the updating of the blog content. You should again republish it to make the fresh post. You can also promote the updated blog post to social media, send it to all subscribers, etc.


The final intention for updating the old article is cleaning up the old content and to make the latest information available to the readers. If you are serious about the blog traffic and SEO then you should update the old blog post.

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