SiteGround Affiliate Program Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

SiteGround web hosting gives you the chance to promote it and earn money from Siteground Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money from blogging. If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, you can read my guide on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the way to promote the products and services of others on our blog, and we will get the commission if the sales are made through our affiliate links.

This article will explain the Siteground affiliate program and how you can promote the Siteground hosting on your blog to get more referrals.

NOTE- On 5 November 2020, SiteGround has suspended its affiliate program in India and a few other countries, which means all affiliated partners will not able to log in after this date.

SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround offers different types of web hosting plans for beginners to experts.

  • Web Hosting (Start from $3.95/month)
  • WordPress Hosting (Start from $3.95/month)
  • WooCommerce Hosting (Start from $3.95/month)
  • Cloud Hosting (Start from $80/month)
Siteground web hosting

For the beginner, you can go for Web hosting starting from $3.95 per month, and in the offer season, you will get this plan at $2.95 per month.

In web hosting, SiteGround offers three plans.

StartUp Plan– This plan is suitable for small businesses and beginners having traffic approx. 10K. The StartUp plan starts from $3.95 per month. You can host only one website on this plan, and it offers 10GB of free space.

GrowBig Plan- This is a recommended plan if you have many websites. You can host unlimited websites, and it offers 20GB of space. GrowBig plan starts from $5.95 per month.

GoGeek Plan- In this plan, you can host unlimited websites, and offers a 30 GB webspace. GoGeek plan starts from $11.95 per month.

Siteground web hosting plans

If you want more performance and you are a business then you can opt for Cloud Hosting. It’s a bit expensive starting from $80 per month.

Siteground Cloud Hosting Plans

You can read my complete review on SiteGround Web Hosting.

Sign up

To promote the Siteground web hosting, you need to sign up for Siteground Affiliate Program. You can sign up here.

For sign up process, you will have to fill three sections

  • Contact Information
  • Payout Information
  • Affiliate Profile Information
Siteground Affiliate Sign Up

Contact information is your personal information, and you have to provide the password for your Siteground affiliate.

Payout information is your payment detail. You have to provide the PayPal email address to receive the payment. For Indian users, you have to put the PAN in the TAX ID.

Affiliate Profile Information: You have to tell Siteground more about your website and promote Siteground hosting.

Once you complete all the information, you need to submit it.

The SiteGround Affiliate team will review your application and approve it. You will receive the email for the same.


Siteground offers $50 per sale, but you will get up to $100 per sale if you get more referrals.

If you are getting more than 21 sales in a month, you will have to contact the Siteground support team for custom commissions.

Siteground Affiliate Commission

The Siteground has one unique feature that other Affiliate programs is there are no minimum payout thresholds, and it has a weekly payout system.

SiteGround Affiliate program holds your commission for 30 days only. After that, your commission will be released.


The SiteGround affiliate dashboard is very straightforward. If you log in to your Affiliate account, you will see the affiliate section. From there, you can manage your affiliate account.

Affiliate Dashboard

There are four sections available in affiliate.

Campaign- You will get a default Campaign for promotion. You can create a new Campaign.

Reporting- In this section, you can see your affiliate performance, commissions, and sales stats.

Siteground Affiliate Commission report

Visual Assets- You will get the materials for promotion. You will get banners, links, a SiteGround logo, etc.

Siteground Visual assets

Payout details- You can manage the payment details in this section. Also, you can see the payout history and details. If you want to update the TAX ID, you can do it.

Siteground Payout details


  • No minimum payout thresholds.
  • A weekly payout is available.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • You can have a PayPal Payment method.
  • SiteGround Affiliate holds your commission for only 30 days. Other affiliate programs have 45 days minimum holding period.
  • No minimum sales are required per month.
  • Custom commissions are available if you are getting more than 21 referrals per month.

Promotion Strategy

This is a very crucial step to getting more sales. For any affiliate programs, I follow the below steps to promote the products and services.

  • Write a review of SiteGround web hosting and share it on social media and all your network.
  • You can run an advertising campaign on Facebook for written reviews to get more visitors and, ultimately, the sales.
  • You can display the ads banner on your website.
  • If you have email subscribers, you can send a newsletter about the SiteGround web hosting review.
  • You can link your SiteGround review article with any other similar articles.
  • You can run Google Adwords ads. You can go for a CPC ads campaign.
  • You can ask other bloggers to link your article to get targeted traffic from other blogs.


Currently, SiteGround is a trendy web hosting for beginners. SiteGround is getting very positive reviews from industry experts. If you promote SiteGround hosting on your blog (If it is similar to your blog niche), you can earn money by referring to SiteGround.

Unfortunately, the SiteGround affiliate is suspended in India and other countries, if you are residing in India like me then you won’t be able to promote or register for an affiliate program.

SiteGround is continuously taking serious decisions like increasing prices, and suspending affiliate programs in a few countries. This is the reason why blogger like me don’t want to promote their products and services on their blog.

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