Speechelo Review 2022: The Best Text-To-Speech Software?

Without a good voice-over, marketers and video content creators might not achieve much success. A good voice-over can make your video more engaging and attract more traffic. This is the reason for text-to-speech software such as Speechelo.

In a modern age where technology has taken over the stress of living, modern Artificial Intelligence has become more needful. The Speechelo text-to-speech tool transforms your text into a 100% human-sounding voice.

That’s not all! It transforms the text to reflect any voice you want – male, female, and tone – sad, joyful, normal, in 24 different languages. In this Speechelo Review, you will get a piece of comprehensive information regarding this new and amazing text-to-speech converter.

Why You Need A Good Voice-Over

If you are a content creator, social media manager, advertiser, business owner, or marketer, a good voice-over is of paramount necessity to you.

The benefits of a good voice-over to you include:

  • They serve as a guide to the audience throughout the video.
  • Saves cost. Voice-over software lets you record your voice for your tutorials, YouTube videos, interviews. This will make you avoid the regular cost of hiring professionals. The best part is that Speechelo runs a one-time payment plan.
  • More Views: A good voice-over can captivate your viewers and keep them hooked for the rest of your video. This has a high tendency of making your viewers your die-hard fans. They can even direct others to your video
  • Saves time. Sometimes freelancing video creators or voice-over artists can waste unnecessary time in creating a simple video.

Also, the time spent in the search for a voice-over artist can be enough to create a voice-over using text-to-speech software. The software is a handy tool.

  • Increased Sales: A good voice-over can increase your sales. Besides, your ability to create voice-overs instantly will allow you to test multiple scripts and find the best one.
  • More Subscribers: The best part about having more subscribers is that they will get notifications whenever you upload a new video.

Also, all your future uploads will get even more views and that can mean higher rankings.

What Is Speechelo?

A through Speechelo review wouldn’t be compete without starting with the basics: What is Speechelo?

In a nutshell, Speechelo is a cloud-based powerful text to speech software created by the digital and content marketer Stoica Shark Mishai that helps you create a human-sounding voice-over.

This software makes up for you if:

  • You don’t feel comfortable using your voice to do a voice-over.
  • You don’t have a good microphone and other recording tools.
  • You speak English, but it’s not good enough for a voice-over.

There is a lot of text-to-speech software in the marketplace, but this AI software stands out. This is because its AI features allow it to produce a real human voice, unlike other software that sounds so robotic and mechanical.

This new software also has as one of its features, inflection. It tries to replicate a human-like voice as much as possible with features like pitch level, tones, etc.

Speechelo has 3 tones, over 60 voices, and 23 different languages aside from English. All these features are put together to ensure that its users get exactly what they want, they can perfectly transform their texts into speech.

Speechelo Review: Features

The basic features of the Speechelo voice-over software, include:

Voice Generation.

This is one of the most significant features of the Speechelo text-to-speech. With the standard package of this software program, you can create a voice-over using up to 700 words and 30 voices.

However, this does not mean that’s the best the software can offer. You can also have access to an unlimited number of words and 60+ voices, but you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro version of this software.

This is unlike some options like AudioFlow Pro which allows you to use a maximum of 3,000 words to convert text into voice.


This feature of Speechelo voice-over software allows you to convert your videos into captions. It can be of utmost value to people running multilingual channels

The software uses its artificial intelligence to scrutinize your videos, find the language used in them and convert it to captions.

Variety of Languages.

This is another feature of this software. Its artificial intelligence allows it to accommodate 23 other international languages aside from English. 

This feature makes the software more attractive and beneficial to YouTube freelancers with a rigid budget. They can adjust any voice-over of their choice without an extra cost.

This feature also allows you to save the cost of hiring the services of a professional to translate your text. For French and some other languages, you can even get voices of several types.

This AI-based software uses features such as pitch level, emphasis, breathing, and long pauses to let you customize your text the way you want it. This gives it an edge over other similar software.

The languages supported by the Speechelo software includes:

Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, German, Turkish, Icelandic, Dutch, French, Polish, English, Danish, Japanese, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Romanian, and Welsh.

With all these features combined in one software, you can expect nothing but an excellent outcome, a better return on your investment. Other unique features of this platform include:

  • Free training and support.
  • Incredible Refund Policy.
  • Total editing and customization freedom.
  • Long hours of video.
  • Compatibility with other video creation tools.

How Does Speechelo Work: Creating a voice-over With Speechelo

One great thing about Speechelo is that it is easy to use. To create a voice-over, you only need 3 steps and a few clicks. The three steps are:

Step 1Paste your text

This is the first step to creating a voice-over with Speechelo. Paste the text you want to be transformed into the text editor

option of the software. 

Speechelo runs a thorough check on the text and puts punctuation marks where necessary. This is to optimize the text and make it sound as natural as possible.

Step 2 – Select a voice and language

The next thing to do is to select a language and tone from the available options that best suit your text. If you want to sound serious, normal, joyful, this is where to apply it.

You can also know the best language and tone for your text by previewing the effect of various languages or tones in your videos. In addition, speech eco allows you to add long pauses and breathing sounds in the voice-over.

Step 3 – Generate and download your voice-over

This is the last step. Once you are done with step two and you are okay with the outcome, you can click on the “Generate and download” button.

In less than 10 seconds, the software generates a voice-over by the options you have selected. You can check the voice-over by playing it directly from the software. 

If there are any more changes you’d like to make, you can further edit the voice-over to suit your needs. When you are satisfied with the result, you can download your voice-over and use it for your marketing.

Speechelo Pricing Review

There are two major levels captured in the pricing plan of this software – Standard and Pro. To get the standard version of this software, you will make a one-time payment of $47. 

In the standard package, you can only create voice-overs for the script with not more than 700 words. You will also need to download them in bits. Also, you can only have access to 30 voice types. 

However, Speechelo has more fascinating features, but you can only enjoy them when you upgrade to the Pro plan of the software. The Pro version comes with a lot of additional values.

Speechelo Pro (OTO 1)

This is the first level in the Pro upgraded version. Here you can generate voice-overs of the texts containing unlimited numbers of words. You also have access to 60+ voice types, from adults to children, men, and women, unlike the standard that supports only 30 voices.

You can create a voice-over with any voice type you want and even get to integrate them into other software like Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, etc. Also, the Pro version of this software will allow you to find a variety of accents including American, British, Japanese, etc. to create voice-overs for your videos.

Another great add-on of this version is the ability to create longer voice-overs as well. The standard package limits your voice-overs to 700 characters, but with Speechelo pro you can get 4x the standard length, that is 2800 words.

With the pro plan, you can also get access to 40 thrilling background music tracks for your campaigns. These tracks are available in multiple different genres.

Another great attraction of this version is the voice-over cash machine bonus. This bonus comes in the form of an ebook,  showing you how to get more clients by posting your voice-over gigs.

Lastly is the commercial license feature that allows you to sell your voice-overs to others and keep all the money and profits.

Speechelo Pro Price & Cost

The pro version is an upgrade for Speechelo Standard. So to get a pro version, you will need to purchase Speechelo Standard and then upgrade to the pro version.

The Pro version of this software costs $100 per quarter, but for promotional purposes, a discount of 53% has been offered for a limited period,  reducing its quarterly price to $47.

So you just pay quarterly payments of $47 each 3 months, which you can terminate at any time.

Speechelo Tube (OTO 2)

This is the last upgrade on Speechelo. With Speechelo tube, you can make a YouTube video, translate its voice-over into a different language and voice, and get yourself a BRAND new video.

Imagine taking any English video, and translating it into Dutch or Vice – versa. This can help you take advantage of the foreign markets, to sell affiliate products, and even grow a large number of followers in a different language.

Speechelo tube goes for a one-time payment of only $37.

Pros and Cons Of Using The Speechelo Software

As with every software, there are benefits of using the Speechelo software as well as downsides


Here is a list of the benefits of using the Speechelo text-to-speech software:

#1. Transform Your Text Into Speech

If you need to create your videos without using your voice or you probably want something unique, then Speechelo can serve you just right. This software, with its amazing tools, enables you to transform your text into the most appropriate speech.

#2.Supports Multiple Languages 

Speechelo comes with multiple languages support. It supports and works with English and  23 other different languages. It is equally simple to use, unlike many others, you just have to paste your script, choose a language and voice, then download it.

#3. Easy to use

This is one of the core benefits of using the Speechelo software. It is super easy to use, with a beginner’s friendly interface. This means you don’t necessarily require expertise to use this software. Simply follow the 3 steps and in split seconds you just do your voice-over.

#4. Over 30 Human-Like Voices

Speechelo makes your videos more valuable with over 30 varieties of human-like voices. It also integrates unique features like inflection, which allows you to design your voice-overs in specific ways.

You can add breathing and pausing to your text and even change the speed, voice tones, and pitch to make your script sound natural. The software also takes care of the proper punctuation needed to make your script sound natural. These outstanding features make Speechelo so different from other text-to-speech software.

#5. Male And Female Voice 

This software provides you with both male and female voice choice options. You can choose either male voice or female voices for your videos, according to your desire and what you want to achieve.

#6. Offers Different Speech Tones

Speechelo offers 3 different voice tones; joyful, normal, and serious tones. In case you need to sound like any of them, just choose which you want in the second step.

This feature also makes your videos super interesting to watch and to listen to.

#7. Cost-Effective Option

With this AI-based software, you don’t have to worry about costly voice-over artists and unreliable freelancers who might take days for a simple voice video or audio.

A one-time payment of $47 gets you a Speechelo software forever. With the amazing features it offers, the cost is quite not high. 

So no need to pay every month, you just have to pay once, and then enjoy its unlimited and steady services.

#8. Background Music Tracks

The Pro version of Speechelo provides you with background music tracks from different genres to make your videos sound good. It provides you motivational tracks, cinematic tracks, joyful tracks or and many more tracks.

#9. Compatibility With Different Video Creation Software

This software also has a high compatibility feature. It works with different video creation software like Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Camtasia, Audacity, etc.

You can use this software for creating attractive sales and review videos for your business and products, educational videos, training videos, Demonstration videos, etc.

#10. Commercial License

This software also provides you with a commercial license which enables you to sell your voice-overs and keep all the money and all the profits to yourself.

#11. Create Longer voice-overs

The Standard package of Speechelo allows you to create average voice-overs easily. It is also possible to make longer voice-overs with the software, using the Pro version.

When you upgrade to Speechelo pro, you get unlimited length per voice-over.

#12. Incredible Refund Policy

The refund policy lets you get a refund and still keep your voice-overs if you can tell the voice-over created with the software is not a human voice.

While we don’t know how exactly you want to tell it’s not a human voice, this is a display of utmost confidence in their product. The point is to assure you that the software doesn’t sound robotic like some other text-to-speech software.


The shortcomings of this software are:

  • Aside from English, all other languages sound robotic and mechanical.
  • The standard version is limited to 700 characters whereas the pro version has a limit of up to 2800. Therefore, to be able to achieve much with this software, you most likely need to Upgrade your Plan. 
  • The audio previews are just about 30 seconds long, with 100 characters.
  • $47 Price is for a limited period.
  • File uploading is not supported (like PDF .)

Alternatives to Speechelo Software

There are some other text-to-speech options that you can choose from aside from the Speechelo program. One of such is the Vidnami software. This software is also a great option and shares similar features to Speechelo.

Just as with the Speechelo, you don’t have to use your voice in creating voice-overs. It has some good language options just like Speechelo.

The downside of the program is its pricing. It runs a monthly cost that might be on the high side of creators with a rigid budget.


Speechelo is a unique kind of AI-based text-to-speech software. Its ability to replicate a human-sounding voice and amongst other features makes it outstanding.

You get an excellent AI-based voice generation, yet save hundreds of dollars on recording costs or hiring a voice-over artist. Further, the speech generated through Speechelo sounds natural and human rather than robotic and mechanical. 

So if you want your video to go viral or increase your followers, you always have a reliable means to do that, and at a reduced cost. You can check out Speechelo for yourself.

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